Who is Love Island star Haris? Meet the TV salesman from Doncaster

Love Island is back for its second ever South Africa winter season, bringing sunshine to the gloomy UK this January.

This season has Maya Jama as the show’s brand new host, who takes over for Laura Whitmore.

Among the 2023 contestants is Haris Namani, the second youngest contestant on the series.

Who is Haris Namani?

Haris is a 21-year-old TV salesman from Doncaster. His celebrity crush is Jennifer Lopez and he’s unusually good at yoga and ping pong.

What did Haris say he would bring to the villa?

“I’m different, I’m a unique guy, the way I act; confident, not awkward, especially with the girls,” he said. “I’m friendly, I’m very respectful as well. Anyone who meets me, I don’t think they have anything bad to say about me. I don’t give them that bad impression to say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to speak to him again.’”

The Love Island winter cast of 2023 (ITV)
The Love Island winter cast of 2023 (ITV)

What is Haris’s biggest ick?

“Big feet. Anything over a size five.” Brutal. As Jama said in the launch episode, that rules her out (she’s got size six-and-a-half feet).

Has he ever been in love?

Apart from a few short-lived situationships, Haris has never met the one. “I’ve never found love,” he said. “I’ve never taken a girl home, I’m not going to say I’ve fallen in love until I’ve taken them to meet my mum and dad or sisters and brother. If I bring a girl home, she has to be the one.”

What is Haris’s ideal date, if money was no object?

“Go to Mykonos, get food delivered to us in the pool, go on a jet ski and hire a boat out.”

What is Haris’s Instagram?

Haris’s Instagram handle is @haris_namanii.

For the first time in the show’s history, ITV has asked its contestants to make their social accounts “dormant” while they are on the show. This means that nothing can be published on their behalf, in an effort to prevent the “adverse effects of social media”.