Love Island’s Kaz Crossley speaks out for first time after Dubai arrest: ‘I definitely didn’t love myself’

Kaz Crossley has addressed her arrest in Dubai in a new video.

The Love Island star, who appeared on the hit dating reality show in 2018, was arrested at Abu Dhabi airport on 13 February. Four days later, it was reported that the social media influencer was released from jail without charge after “fully cooperating” with investigating officers.

Crossley’s representatives previously told The Sun that the reality TV star was on her way to Thailand via Abu Dhabi when she was stopped by UAE police.

The reality TV star’s name was reportedly flagged up by authorities, who are investigating a video of her at a party in 2020 after the footage was posted on social media in 2021.

It was filmed in Dubai, when a number of influencers flew to the city for work while the UK was in lockdown.

In the new video posted to Instagram on Thursday (23 February), Crossley addressed the situation on camera for the first time.

“I feel like I owe it to my followers and I owe it to myself to get closure about this situation because it’s been a good few years and I’m ready to move forward now.”

She continued: “In 2020, I was in Dubai and I was filmed – it was me in the video, no one forced me to do that – it was a time in my life where I definitely didn’t love myself at all probably and this is reflected in what I was doing to my body and who I surrounded myself with.

“A year later, it then got leaked and then more recently, I was on my way to Thailand and had an amazing job offer.”

Crossley revealed that she had been offered her “dream job” in Thailand and did not consider that the travel to Abu Dhabi would be an issue.

“I was then detained in Abu Dhabi and kept in custody from Monday through to Friday which is when they released me,” she said.

“I was very accepting of the situation for whatever was going to happen to me.

“I take full accountability, I did not lie and I said that was me in the video and I explained the situation – it was a long time ago.”

Crossley went on to address speculation about who took the video of her.

“The video wasn’t taken by my friend, it was taken by an ex who I was with… [he took the video] in secret and kept it for a year. Didn’t know he had this video and then when we’ve broken up, that’s when he decided to leak it online.”

The Love Island star has said that the situation affected her mental health but she’s now ready to ‘move forward’ (Instagram/kazcrossley)
The Love Island star has said that the situation affected her mental health but she’s now ready to ‘move forward’ (Instagram/kazcrossley)

Crossley did not name the ex-partner in question but claims they were “malicious” and took the footage with the intention to “ruin” her career.

She continued by adding that the video leak “destroyed” her mental health and also affected her family who were worried about her. She added that she has been dealing with a lot of “trolling online”.

Concluding the video, Crossley said: “I have made mistakes but I will not allow my past to define who I am now because I am truly falling in love with myself and the person I am truly becoming.

“I’m surrounding myself now with people who make me feel so seen, so safe, so supported.

“I’m [ready to] step into my power and take control of my life and take responsibility and move forward because I am so blessed to be here.”

She finished saying how grateful she now is for the little things, like her “pillow” and her “toothbrush” after being in jail. She also praised her friends and family for their support.

In their statement after Crossley’s release, her representatives said: “Kaz has fully cooperated with officials and is free to continue her journey.”

The Independent contacted Crossley’s representatives for comment.

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