Love Island: Haris and Anna-May dumped after returning Australian contestants Jessie and Aaron vote them out

Love Island will return for a new series this summer (ITV)

Two more romantic hopefuls have been dumped from Love Island by new Islanders Aaron and Jessie.

Continuing from Tuesday night’s (24 January) cliffhanger, Wednesday’s (25 January) episode began with the two newest contestants, who previously competed in Love Island Australia, tasked with deciding which of their fellow islanders would get the chop.

The public had voted for their favourite girl and boy contestants. The three boys and three girls who received the fewest votes were then up for elimination.

After some private deliberation, Jessie announced that Anna-May and Haris would be heading home, as they believed that others had more of a shot at romantic success.

Tanya, who was also at risk of elimination, cried in a confessional about Anna-May’s departure, telling the camera that she was her “best friend” in the villa.

Lana was also visibly emotional at the prospect of saying goodbye to the Swansea-based payroll assistant.

In their exit interview, Haris made it clear that he had no regrets about the process, calling it “the best experience of his life”.

Jessie found the decision particularly difficult, as she had forged early relationships with both in her short time in the villa.

Haris and Anna-May follow David, a bombshell who was quickly shown the door in the first week after a recoupling left him single.