'I Love My City': Hudson Police Officer Takes on 5-Year-Old in Dance Battle

A viral video shows an intense dance battle in Hudson, New York, between a police officer and a small but formidable opponent on Sunday evening, June 14.

Hudson resident Veronica Mayhew shared this video of local police officer Jessica Mausolf having a bit of fun with five-year-old Neymar Henry on Sunday evening. Mayhew told Storyful that she and Neymar were dancing outside when Officer Mausolf parked her squad car and joined the fun.

This video shows Mausolf and Neymar dancing off to Michael Jackson’s Beat It. In the Facebook post, Mayhew wrote, “This is what life is about! I hope this makes you smile and laugh as much as I did! I love my city.”

“We just wanted to make people smile and laugh with this video and show them that we can overcome this and we can build a rapport with our hometown officers and every officer,” Mayhew said in a message to Storyful. “And we need more officers like her!” Credit: Veronica Mayhew via Storyful