Love Is Blind: UK introduces Emma and Matt Willis as series hosts

The UK is finally getting its own version of Love Is Blind, co-hosted by real-life couple Emma and Matt Willis.

Set to launch next year, Love Is Blind: UK will welcome a group of singletons from across the country who are in search of love.

As in the original US version, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the contenders have signed up for a “less conventional approach to modern dating” and over the course of 10 days will date each other blindly in separate pods.

In a teaser welcoming Emma and Matt to the show, the model and the Busted star test out the pods.

“Hello, Emma,” Matt begins. “You’ve got a lovely voice. Is that Birmingham I can hear?”

As Emma laughs, he adds: “I quite like this.”

“It’s so bizarre,” Emma responds. “I imagine if you’re coming in here for this purpose, you are prepped and you’ve probably been online dating for years and you’re so sick to death.

Emma and Matt Willis on ‘Love is Blind UK’ (Netflix)
Emma and Matt Willis on ‘Love is Blind UK’ (Netflix)

“But do you know what it makes me realise?” the former Big Brother presenter continues. “That we haven’t been on a date in nearly 20 years! And I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

Emma, 47, and Matt, 40, tied the knot in 2008 after three years of dating. They share three children together: Isabelle, 12, Ace, ten, and Trixie, six.

“I’m so excited to be presenting the UK version of Love Is Blind with Emma. We love the show!” Matt said in a statement. “It’s been such a dream working together and fascinating to watch the process unfold. Experiencing this new project side by side has been really amazing and I can’t wait for people to come on this journey with us.”

Emma said: “I love to play matchmaker with my friends and love LOVE so I am so excited to be co-hosting the first ever UK version of Love Is Blind. I’m intrigued to see people connect on a purely emotional and mental level right off the bat, without visuals playing a part. Plus – you’re getting double Willis! I’ve loved going to work with Matt and we’re both obsessed with the show, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!”

The US version of Love Is Blind returns for its fifth season on Netflix on 22 September. A premiere date for Love Is Blind: UK has yet to be announced but is expected to debut sometime next year.