‘Love Is Blind’ star Brittany Mills reveals she also dated Jimmy Presnell in the pods

Just when you thought the latest season of “Love Is Blind” couldn’t have been any messier, it’s been revealed that Jimmy Presnell had more than a love triangle on his hands — as it turns out he was also dating Brittany Mills amid her doomed romance with Kenneth Gorham.

The shocker — given the well-documented drama in Jimmy’s engagement to Chelsea Blackwell and courting of Jessica Vestal — was revealed by Brittany on Wednesday’s episode of the “De-Influencing” podcast.

“I was actually dating somebody else,” said Brittany, who exited Season 6 of the Netflix sensation after she and Kenneth called off their engagement. “It didn’t get shown because he was in a lot of drama. And poor Kenneth, like I had him on the edge of his seat.”

Though Brittany didn’t initially drop the name of the other man she was dating, when asked if it was Jimmy, she confirmed, saying: “He’s just really smooth with his words.”

However, Brittany said she ultimately found Kenneth, with whom she’s still close friends, more suited to her priorities.

“I was like, ‘He is so God-fearing. Brittany, that is what you need,'” she told the pod. “Jimmy and I talked about it. He was like, ‘Honestly, I would kind of, like, need you to lead me that way.'”

Noting that it in no way was a knock against Jimmy’s suitability for someone else, Brittany said: “I don’t have, I’ll just use the word time, or you know, whatever, to be confident in that and be like, ‘OK, I’ll do that too.'”

While many of the contestants dated each other on the show — which involves romantic hopefuls getting to know each other, and some getting engaged, sight unseen — Jimmy had to choose between popping the question to Jessica or Chelsea, eventually choosing the latter.

Their tumultuous engagement proved a primary plot point in the recently concluded sixth season, before and after he called it quits.

In fact, only one of the engaged couples featured on this season actually said, “I do.” The rest went their separate ways before the altar or, in the case of Amber “A.D.” Smith and Clay Gravesande, at the altar.