Love Is Blind: Raven Ross deletes all Instagram photos with boyfriend SK amid cheating rumours

Love Is Blind’s Raven Ross has removed all photographs of her and boyfriend Sikiru “SK” Alagbada from her Instagram page following rumours that he cheated on her.

The pilates instructor’s social media account previously contained numerous posts showing her and Alagbada being affectionate as they continue to date after appearing on the popular Netflix reality show.

However, fans of the couple took notice when a TikTok user named Hannah Beth posted a video alleging that Alagbada had been dating her while courting Ross on the show.

In her video, Beth posted screenshots of messages claiming to be between her and Alagbada, as well as alleged selfies of them during their travels together.

She claimed that 34-year-old Alagbada had told her that he was on Love Is Blind “just for [money]” and that he and Ross were “friends only”.

Alleged text message exchanges say that Beth and Alagbada were still making plans to go on trips together up until September. The third season of Love Is Blind, in which he stars, was fully released on Netflix on 9 November.

In the reunion episode, which is believed to have been filmed in March, Alagbada and Raven revealed they were still dating, although he had said no to her at the altar.

The Independent has contacted Ross and Alagbada’s representatives for comment.

Alagbada’s Instagram page still contains photographs of him and Ross together, with the most recent post published about a week ago.

The post shows the couple embracing, with the caption: “The path that led me to you is one less travelled. Some can say one never travelled. Finding you in the most unexpected way will never make sense to everyone, and that’s OK. Our love is patient, intentional and fun. Just how we like it.”


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Fans were shocked to see the allegations and took to social media to express their disappointment in Alagbada, should they be true.

“My jaw just dropped! SK is a wild man. I was rooting for him and Raven,” one person wrote.

Another said: “This is the biggest plot twist of the season. My girl has receipts like she is ready for an audit.”

Ross’s wiping of nearly all her photographs with Alagbada has not gone unnoticed, with many fans pointing it out as proof of his suspected infidelity. Her TikTok account still has videos of the couple together.

However, neither party has publicly confirmed if they have broken up over the rumours.

In a cryptic TikTok video posted on Friday (18 November), Ross hinted that she was going for couple’s counselling but stopped short of confirming anything.

Fans commenting on her video urged her to “choose herself” and asking her to provide an update on her relationship.