“Love Is Blind”'s Amber Pike Celebrates 'a Lifetime More to Look Forward to' on Fifth Anniversary with Matt Barnett

The couple met and tied the knot on season 1 of Netflix's 'Love Is Blind'

<p>Carol Lee Rose/Getty</p> Amber Pike and Matt Barnett at the "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" screening at Regal Atlantic Station on May 31, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia

Carol Lee Rose/Getty

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett at the "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" screening at Regal Atlantic Station on May 31, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia

Five years down and forever to go!

Monday marked the the fifth wedding anniversary for Love Is Blind stars Amber Pike and Matt Barnett. Amber, 31, kicked off the day with a sweet tribute to her husband, 33, on social media.

She began her Instagram post (which Matt also shared) with a quippy quote: “I love you more today than yesterday, yesterday you got on my nerves,”

Her actual caption, accompanying a video of the couple walking hand in hand and kissing each other on the cheek, began: "5 years later and somehow I really do love you more today than the day we said 'I do'. Don’t get me wrong, every day hasn’t been perfect and Lord knows there is plenty that we have gotten wrong over the years, but the most important thing that I’m so thankful that we’ve gotten right is how much we are willing to work for each other to keep growing together."

She added, "I love you more today than I did then, not because our love is perfect(or 'blind' 🙄), but because our eyes are wide open and our love is deliberate and intentional. Our love is greater now than it was then because it is a choice we have made and put effort in to every day for the past 5 years and I know that is something we will continue to do for the rest of our lives."

She wrapped up the post, "I love you Matthew Donovan Barnett. I appreciate you and I am thankful for how you love me. Happy Anniversary my Bumblebee, 5 years down and a lifetime more to look forward to❤️🥰😘"

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<p>Matt Barnett/ Instagram</p>

Matt Barnett/ Instagram

The couple met on season 1 of the hit Netflix reality show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey and were married by the season finale in November 2018.

While celebrating their second anniversary in November 2020, Amber told PEOPLE that they may have a second wedding someday.

"I would love to do another wedding. There's no rush on it. We're married now, but at some point," she said. "We're still having a lot of fun. Like I said on the show, 'Joke's on my mom! She thought I was going to settle down and Matt's just as wild and adventurous as I am!'"

At the time of the couple's proposal, Amber said she challenged her husband-to-be with a non-negotiable before saying "yes," explaining that she needed more "emotional connection" from him and she couldn't be the only one always opening up emotionally.

"I'm really proud that I didn't just jump into it," she shared. "I was like, 'I need to know that you really need this. You are sure that you're in this because we're going to make it work.'"

Matt's response made it easy for Amber to accept the proposal. "He goes, 'I'll do whatever you want to make you happy. I love you,'" she recalled. "I just started crying and I was like, 'Yes! Yes! I'll marry you!'"

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<p>Netflix</p> Amber Pike and Matt Barnett at their wedding on 'Love Is Blind'


Amber Pike and Matt Barnett at their wedding on 'Love Is Blind'

Last year, while marking their fourth wedding anniversary, Amber shared then-and-now pics of "life 4 years ago VS life over the past 4 years to now," with her "constant partner in crime."

The ex-tank mechanic — who served as a Georgia Army Guard — went on to address how their unconventional way of meeting worked out for the long haul.

"People may think getting married the way we did is crazy, but I've always trusted my instincts (even the crazy ones) and they haven't steered me wrong yet and thankfully your crazy instincts work damn near perfectly with mine," she wrote to her husband. "Happy Anniversary @barnettisblind I wouldn't trade our crazy life over these last 4 years for anything."

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Matt also shared a sweet tribute, writing: "4 years of being married to the hottest wife ever! Here's to at least 80 more anniversaries."

Amber and Matt are not the only couple from season 1 to remain married. Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed Hamilton will also be celebrating their fifth anniversary on Nov. 16.

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