“Love Is Blind”: How 8 Couples Have Made Love Last Against the Odds Half a Decade After the Pods Opened (Exclusive)

Since the show debuted on Netflix in 2020, eight couples have found lasting love across five seasons. Here, PEOPLE takes a look back at their journeys before season 6 kicks off on Wednesday

<p>Paras Griffin/Getty; Brennon and Alexa; Araya Doheny/Getty</p>

Paras Griffin/Getty; Brennon and Alexa; Araya Doheny/Getty

'Love Is Blind' couples (from left): season 1's Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton, season 3's Alexa and Brennon Lemieux, and season 4's Tiffany and Brett Brown

As Love Is Blind prepares to kick off its sixth season, PEOPLE is taking a walk down memory lane to look back at all the successful love stories that have come out of the series!

Since the hit series debuted on Netflix in 2020, fans have been enthralled with the show's premise, which follows a group of singles as they embark on their search for love and agree to get engaged sight unseen. At the end of the social experiment, the couples must determine if love is truly blind by making it to the altar and saying "I do."

For eight couples, Love Is Blind has been the catalyst in helping them find lasting love.

Those pairings include Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton and Amber Pike Barnett and Matt Barnett from season 1; Alexa Alfia Lemieux and Brennon Lemieux and Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton from season 3; Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski and Zack Goytowski, Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah, Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell Brown from season 4; and Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Milton Johnson from season 5.

But finding love on the show was only one part of these couples' journeys. Below, find out how the pairs have made their marriage last since their season aired, what they're up to these days and the advice they'd share with the next group set to take season 6 by storm.

Lauren and Cameron: "Put in a Lot to Get to a Good Place"

<p>Ashley Marie Myers</p> Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton renewing their vows for their five-year anniversary

Ashley Marie Myers

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton renewing their vows for their five-year anniversary

As one of two couples who were featured on the debut season of Love Is Blind, Lauren and Cameron quickly became fan favorites of the franchise.

In November, the pair marked their five-year wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas — an intimate moment that PEOPLE got an exclusive look into.

"It feels like a flash," Lauren, 36, told PEOPLE at the time. "We feel so blessed and we're happy. Every day feels like I fall more and more in love with Cam, which I didn't even know was possible. So I'm just happy to be where we are now and for our growth and proud of us."

Cameron, 33, added: "Five years, it is both a long time and not very much time... it's gone by really quickly, but then there have been times where marriage takes a lot of work. You have to put in a lot to get to a good place, which I feel great about where we are. So, I'm really thankful for those times where it was challenging because it ultimately leads to a stronger marriage."

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Amber and Matt: "Keep Growing Together"

Amber and Matt Barnett
Amber and Matt Barnett

Amber, 31, and Barnett, 33, also hold a special place in fans' hearts as one of the lasting couples to come out of the debut season. In November, the pair marked their five-year anniversary, celebrating with a touching joint Instagram post.

"5 years later and somehow I really do love you more today than the day we said 'I do.' Don’t get me wrong, every day hasn’t been perfect and Lord knows there is plenty that we have gotten wrong over the years, but the most important thing that I’m so thankful that we’ve gotten right is how much we are willing to work for each other to keep growing together," Amber wrote. "Our love is greater now than it was then because it is a choice we have made and put effort in to every day for the past 5 years and I know that is something we will continue to do for the rest of our lives."

On the same day Amber marked their anniversary, she also gave a sweet nod to her Love Is Blind days by re-wearing her "reveal" dress, a.k.a. the dress she had on when she met Matt in person for the first time.

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Alexa and Brennon: "Date Even After You’re Married"

<p>Brennon and Alexa</p> Alexa and Brennon Lemieux

Brennon and Alexa

Alexa and Brennon Lemieux

After winning the hearts of fans during season 3, Alexa and Brennon have been living in Texas as they search for a house and prepare to welcome their first child together — news that PEOPLE exclusively helped them announce.

"I’m just really happy to be starting this next chapter and having our love grow and getting even closer with one another as we enter parenthood," Alexa, 29, tells PEOPLE.

Reflecting on their love story, the Lemieuxs know Love Is Blind played a huge role — and they've only gotten stronger as a couple since their season aired in 2022.

"I don’t think Brennon and I would have met outside the show, although I’m hopeful that fate would’ve intervened," Alexa says. "[LIB] allowed for both of us to communicate and really put ourselves out there. I know, at least for me, I had never met someone that I trusted and felt comfortable enough to open myself up before meeting Brennon."

When it comes to making their marriage work, Alexa notes she and Brennon, 33, often "check in with each other" and prioritize their love. "Sometimes life gets busy and you have to make sure you still show up for each other. It’s also extremely important to continue to date even after you’re married. Whether it’s a dressy date night, cooking dinner together, going to top golf, or going to the movies, it’s important to spend time with your person."

As for what they want the season 6 couples to know? "Focus on yourselves and block the rest of the world out," says Alexa. "Be proud of your journey to find one another. It's not easy and it takes a lot openness and self reflection to know that you’re making the right decision."

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Colleen and Matt: "Slow It Down a Little Bit"

<p>Colleen Reed/Instagram</p> Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed

Colleen Reed/Instagram

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed

After tying the knot on season 3, Colleen and Matt took marriage at their own pace. In November 2022, Matt, 29, told PEOPLE that he and Colleen, 27, had to "learn a lot about each other" as they blended their lives.

"It kind of started off rough right when we got out of [the show]," he admitted, noting that learning to "mesh" their lives was initially challenging, but they eventually made it work. "It's just learning how to incorporate each other into your daily lives."

Part of that adjustment was figuring out their living situation, and though fans were shocked to learn they were initially living separately as a married couple, the two have since moved in together in Dallas.

"To kind of adapt to now living with someone, it takes a while. It takes a second, and both of us didn't want to rush changing that, all of a sudden expediting that for other people," Colleen said on a podcast in May 2023, adding, "We really just wanted to not mess this up and jump right into shared spaces, just slow it down a little bit."

“WE did it OUR way 🤫” Matt wrote in his Instagram post around that time.

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Zack and Bliss: "Find a Way to Honor and Cherish That Day We Said 'I Do' Once a Month"

<p>Samuel Isaiah Lewis</p> Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski and Zack Goytowski

Samuel Isaiah Lewis

Bliss Poureetezadi-Goytowski and Zack Goytowski

The Seattle-based couple met and wed on season 4 of Love Is Blind, and though their journey was not without its own set of challenges, they know everything unfolded just as it was supposed to. From adventuring around the world to bringing home their fur babies following Zack's allergy ordeal, these two weathered a lot together and have only come out stronger.

"We are made better by our love every day," Bliss, 34, tells PEOPLE. "It’s in the quiet moments at the end of the day, simply being with each other that makes life so special. We celebrate our month-iversary every single month. No matter what’s going on, we find a way to honor and cherish that day we said I do once a month. It helps us pause in our busy lives to refocus on our love."

In November, Zack, 32, and Bliss exclusively announced with PEOPLE that they are expecting their first child, due in spring 2024.

"Our love has deepened to a depth we did not know could exist on this adventure of bringing Baby G into the world. Feeling the little kicks, realizing we made a human together that’s half of both of us, It’s the most special thing in the entire world," Bliss says. "We can’t wait to be parents."

"Sometimes we look at each other and still can’t believe, even a year and half later, that we met this way," she adds. "We always say our love is a miracle and we wouldn’t have our love or the little miracle of Baby G without Love Is Blind. We are forever grateful!"

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Kwame and Chelsea: "Show Up for Each Other"

<p>Gerald Hazizi</p> Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah

Gerald Hazizi

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin Appiah

Almost two years into their marriage, the season 4 Seattle-based couple proudly tell PEOPLE they're just as in love as they were when they said "I do."

"We’re so happy and proud to be almost 2 years into our marriage, we’re still learning from each other. There’s still so much excitement and new discoveries everyday, it’s amazing," Chelsea says.

"We’re getting to experience important phases of life together, and we’re so happy to have each other through this journey of life," Kwame adds. "Things I used to do alone, now I can’t imagine doing without my wife."

Acknowledging that their time on the show was a whirlwind, Chelsea, 31, and Kwame, 33, say they've made married life work by embracing their own timeline and leaning on their support system, including their families and fellow season 4 costars.

"Getting married in this way is a very unique way to find love. It comes with its unique set of challenges," Chelsea says. "Everything comes at you very fast on LIB, and it’s important that couples understand after the I do’s are said, you can go at the pace of which you two are most comfortable in your relationship. Understanding that has been very helpful for Kwame and I."

So what's their pro tip for the season 6 couples? "Fall in love with the journey and trust the process," Chelsea urges. "It’s important to stand in your truth, and don’t waiver in what you want. Understand that the altar is just the beginning of the hard work. Be willing to understand and love each other’s faults. Love really shows in your toughest times because that’s when it matters most to show up for each other!"

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Brett and Tiffany: "Give Each Other Grace"

<p>Brett and Tiffany</p> Tiffany and Brett Brown

Brett and Tiffany

Tiffany and Brett Brown

A clear match from the moment they met on season 4, Brett and Tiffany have been happily married since the fourth season aired on Netflix in April 2023. Now living in Portland together after Tiffany uprooted her life in Seattle to be with Brett, the duo say they are adjusting to their married life "very well" and looking forward to more adventures in 2024.

"We're real good," Brett, 36, tells PEOPLE. "We're living a very normal life here in Portland... We have some big trips coming up this year that we're both very, very excited about. We're still getting to know each other, still growing, just like any relationship is. But we're good, we're happy."

To make their marriage work, Tiffany, 37, credits "staying close to one another and having open communication."

"Being in the spotlight can be very distracting so I'm glad that Brett and I have managed to keep a level head through all the distractions, and we have just continued to check up on one another, support each other and we give each other grace and allow each other to explore our passions," she adds. "Just because we're a couple now doesn't mean we have to do everything together. I think what has really helped us is that I encourage Brett to do the things that he loves and vice versa."

Adds Brett: "Do the work within yourself to understand yourself better. I think the more you know yourself and the more comfortable you are in your own skin, obviously the better you can show up for the people that matter. And in this case, hopefully your partner."

For the season 6 couples, Brett has one useful piece of advice: "Have fun, and try to remove yourself from the cameras. Not everything has to be a social media moment. Make sure you have private time, whether it's you, friends, family, and your person."

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Milton and Lydia: "Filter Out the Background Noise"

<p>L+M</p> Milton Johnson and Lydia Velez Gonzalez


Milton Johnson and Lydia Velez Gonzalez

As the only couple to leave season 5 married, Milton and Lydia have been all in on their marriage since their wedding day aired in October 2023.

"Milton and I have been fully embracing the joys of married life recently," Lydia, 32, tells PEOPLE. "We ventured abroad for our inaugural international trip, immersing ourselves in diverse cultures which was truly enlightening. Professionally, we're both pushing our boundaries: Milton is juggling a demanding job while pursuing his second Master's degree, and I am dedicated to advancing in my dual roles as a scientist and project manager. It's a bustling period of growth and exploration for us both."

The Houston-based couple has also found it "refreshing" to no longer hide their marriage, though "being recognized internationally offers a delightful twist to our everyday lives, reminding us of the show's far-reaching impact," Lydia says.

Milton, 25, and Lydia's advice to the season 6 couples is "to remain true to themselves and maintain their integrity amidst the whirl of the show."

"It's crucial to filter out the background noise and focus on the support of loved ones who truly understand you," she adds. "Remember, a television show doesn't define your worth. Embrace this unique journey with openness and joy, as it's a fleeting experience that offers invaluable lessons and memories."

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Love Is Blind season 6 premieres Wednesday on Netflix. Additional episodes are set to drop every Wednesday afterward through March 6.

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