You Can Lounge Around With Sloths at This Rainforest Resort in Costa Rica

Kelly Corbett
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From House Beautiful

Spring break is coming soon and if you've never heard of Nayara Gardens, located in Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica, it's time to get it on your radar. This rainforest resort has amassed numerous rankings, including one of the best resorts in the world by Trip Advisor, and best in Central and South America by Travel + Leisure. So just what's so wonderful about Nayara? Well to start, it boasts a luxurious full-service spa, a pool with a swim-up bar, is home to three of Arenal's top-rated restaurants, and hosts daily yoga for guests. But if none of that matters to you, this might: sloths.

Nayara Gardens has a sloth preserve that houses over 15 of these adorable little guys. Guests can catch the silly and joyful creatures hanging up above from within the hundreds of cecropia trees the resort planted as part of their sustainability program. Not a bad resort service, amiright? In between unwinding in the yoga pavilion, walking a nature trail, or getting a massage, you can literally hang with sloths—and if you're lucky, they'll come down from their rainforest canopy home and say hi. The resort offers a complimentary walking tour where staff will help guests spot them, too.

If you want to further immerse yourself in the rich environment of Arenal Volcano National Park, you can check some of the adventures and excursions the resort hosts such as zip-lining, water rafting and canyoning. You can also expect to run into some other tropical wildlife during your stay, like a variety of bird species, frogs, peccaries, and green iguanas.

Depending on the time of year, rates start at $351 at Nayara Gardens. You can book your stay here. The sloths will be waiting for you… in fact, they probably won’t even move in between now and when you get there. Such lazy, lovable lugs.

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