Louise Redknapp on the importance of her teenage sons' support

Singer Louise Redknapp talks to Kate about her sons being her biggest champions

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: It must be hard for kids to have parents like us.

LOUISE REDKNAPP: It can't be easy, can it?


LOUISE REDKNAPP: Because, I suppose, not all their friends mums are kind of-- do our job.

KATE THORNTON: Well, a simple Google will-- will bring up everything from the '90s.


KATE THORNTON: And, yeah, which is great. I own it and celebrate it. But--

LOUISE REDKNAPP: Yeah, I do now.

KATE THORNTON: --when you sat on the school bus, it's no fun, is it?

LOUISE REDKNAPP: Yeah, my older one, he's much more kind of laughs it off now. But the 14-- I don't really do anything for the 14-year-old to be a bit, like, wary of-- like, even the last music video, he said to me, it's nice to see you fully clothed--


--in this music video. I'm like, trousers and a top and flats on, like, I'm-- he hasn't seen the next video.


KATE THORNTON: There's time.

LOUISE REDKNAPP: Yeah, there's still time, with my silver bodysuit that's coming out next.


KATE THORNTON: Why not, though, Lou?

LOUISE REDKNAPP: Yeah, exactly. You know, what, I'd-- I do everything-- I'll-- I would never do anything that's not tasteful. I'd never do anything that they'd really be embarrassed. It's all banter. Like, I know they are so proud. They're my biggest champions.