Louis Koo shoots new movie in Malaysia for a month



18 Sep – Louis Koo will be in Malaysia for a month to shoot his new movie, "Behind the Shadows".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who appeared at the press conference held in KL alongside Chrissie Chau, Liu Kuan-Ting, Raymond Wong, Renci Yeung, among others, stated that the movie has been filming for a few days now, and that they will continue to do so until the middle of October.

He also added that the project involves more than 100 Malaysian actors and crew members.

Praising Malaysia for its delicious food and comfortable weather, Louis said that he even enjoyed the traffic jams.

"Every time I ride in the car, I can take the opportunity to sleep and rest. You can fall asleep three times and you still won't reach the destination. I can almost get off the car. Eat some wonton noodles and then get in the car and pass," he said jokingly .

It is noted that Louis' main company, One Cool Film Production Limited opened a branch in Malaysia earlier. Louis said that the company will also be shooting a film with local actors next year, though he will only be involved behind the scenes.

"I will try my best to come to Malaysia as there are many delicious food here," he said.

In the movie, Louis plays a detective who is threatened by the person involved in the adultery case that he is investigating.


Louis and his cast starting filming a few days ago
Louis and his cast starting filming a few days ago


(Photo Source: Louis Koo Fanpage IG)