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Will Winston Blow Everyone's Cover?

Winston is the character I'm most excited to learn more about next season. He's just a sweet guy who had a crush on Monty, got beaten to bits by Monty, and was still nice to Monty. Granted, he also cheated his way into Princeton, so he's not perfect, but he was honestly way more than Monty ever deserved. However, he did help him figure out his sexuality in season three before dying untimely in jail.

At the end of season three, Winston confronts Ani about pinning Bryce's murder on Monty. You see, the night Winston forgave Monty for beating him up was Homecoming night - the night of Bryce's murder. Winston is Monty's alibi, because the two were in bed together when Bryce was killed, and it sounds like he wants to set the record straight. Ani may want to let the "dead bury the dead," as she told Deputy Standall, but Winston might be ready to blow up the whole story and send the real murderer to prison.

I'm curious to see if Winston does do something with this truth he has, because Clay and Ani know the truth about him letting someone else take his tests to get into Princeton. With both sides having dirt on each other, they could end up in a stalemate, but Winston seems hellbent on clearing Monty's name.

There Are a Lot of WTF Moments in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, and We Have Questions

Season three of 13 Reasons Why is a doozy. I lost count of how many times I yelled "What the f*ck?" at my TV screen, but I did, in fact, make it to the end of the season. Let me start by saying I truly enjoyed the book 13 Reasons Why and liked the first season of this show. It stuck close to the book and, while controversial, was the story I wanted. I could have done without a season two, which felt forced, or season three, which felt like a completely different story. This season, the Liberty High crew all became suspects in Bryce Walker's murder, until new kid Ani saves the day and gets everyone off scot-free.

The show went from painting Bryce as the ultimate villain to trying to make him seem like a decent guy in the wake of his death this season, which was my biggest head-scratcher. The show also introduced a character named Winston who seemed completely innocuous until the final few minutes of the season. Now, I'm left wondering if he is going to bring the whole thing down in the upcoming final season. I have a lot of lingering questions that I hope Netflix will answer - keep reading to see them all.


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