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LA Clippers deep-dive with Law Murray | Good Word with Goodwill

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Law Murray, who writes about the Los Angeles Clippers for The Athletic, joins Vincent Goodwill to discuss the team’s offseason and whether or not James Harden is destined for Hollywood.

On this episode of The Good Word with Goodwill, Vincent Goodwill is joined by The Athletic’s Law Murray to discuss all things Los Angeles Clippers.

The episode starts with a conversation about James Harden, who is working hard against 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey to try and get traded to the Clippers. Harden and Morey have been linked together for the last 10+ years and we probably should’ve expected it to end like this.

The Clippers have not offered Kawhi Leonard an extension and they are not likely to offer one to Paul George, either. That leaves them with a “Last Dance”-like season ahead of them, where the Clippers have one shot to win it all or the team gets blown up before moving into the Intuit Dome.

Would James Harden be exactly what the Clippers need? Possibly! Maybe even probably! They have already shown that they’re looking for a big guard that can facilitate their offense and take some burden off of Leonard and George, but navigating around the Harden-Morey issues might prove to be too difficult.

Ty Lue has been one of the best coaches in the league for years now, and he showed off that talent by getting a lot out of Russell Westbrook at the end of last season. He could likely do the same for Harden, but no matter what he will be fine. There are plenty of teams around the league that would sign him the moment the Clippers let him walk.

Law gives us some predictions for the upcoming Clippers season, including some healthy fear about the state of the rest of the western conference, before saying goodbye and giving Vinnie a chance to talk about Steph Curry going on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast to talk about the best point guards of all time.

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