Lorry driver caught dumping waste into Pontian river on viral video nabbed

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PONTIAN, Sept 30 — Police tracked down and arrested a lorry driver for illegally dumping waste into a river near the 33 Mile bridge here, after a video of the act went viral on social media.

The 52-year-old male suspect, who was identified from the video footage, was alleged to have dumped rubbish and other waste into the river known as Sungai Wak Rabun here yesterday.

Pontian police chief Superintendent Mohammad Shofee Tayib said from the video, a male suspect was seen dumping objects believed to be rubbish and waste material into the river from his lorry.

Mohammad Shofee said police managed to locate and track down a the local man with the lorry here based on the video footage.

"The suspect was later brought to the Pontian district police headquarters for further investigations,” he said in a statement.

Mohammad Shofee said the suspect tested negative for drug abuse.

He said the Pontian district traffic investigation and enforcement division has issued a compound under Rule 52 LN 166/59 to the suspect as he was found to be driving without a valid Goods Delivery licence.

"Police also confiscated the lorry used by the suspect that will be sent to Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre (Puspakom) for further inspection.

"The suspect was later handed over to the Pontian district Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation (SWCorp) for further investigation as it is under their jurisdiction,” said Mohammad Shofee.