Loose Pet Boa Constrictor Slithers Into Drain in New York

A loose pet boa constrictor that slithered into a storm drain in Nanuet, New York, on September 12 was rescued thanks to a quick-thinking bystander.

Motorist Bridget Moschetti captured the snake entering the sewer on video. She quickly alerted authorities and the local pet store in order to find the snake’s owner.

“Once his head was in the drain, I got out [of my car] and started recording, hoping that the owner would see the video or someone who has snake handling experience can maybe try to rescue him. I posted the video on local community pages to hopefully find the owner or someone who can save him, and it went viral,” Moschetti said.

Exotic pet expert John Tarrant, owner of Outragehisss Pets Inc., and his wife, Elizabeth, extracted the snake from the drain after seeing posts about it online. Credit: Bridget Moschetti via Storyful

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