What’s he looking at? Dog’s HILARIOUS expression baffles passersby

This is the hilarious moment a stray dog baffled passersby – who saw him staring intensely into space. The pooch was sitting outside a corner shop where he was gazing towards the sky in Samut Prakan, Thailand, on Tuesday (April 13). Locals visiting the store noticed the dog’s piercing glare and assumed there was danger unfolding in the row of homes opposite. However, when they stopped to investigate there was nothing to see other than the usual electricity post and black power cables. The dog spent a minute mysteriously staring at the mystery scene before wandering away. Onlooker Khun Ponlapat said: ‘This dog was on another level to use mere humans. I think he can see things that ordinary people can’t. ‘I’m honestly curious about what he was thinking and what he was looking at. He’s a nice dog so I’ll look out for him next time I go to the shop.’