'Looked Like the Whole City Was on Fire': Massive Fire Destroys Several Buildings in Rhode Island

A fire burnt through multiple buildings in Central Falls, Rhode Island, on Saturday, March 14, warranting a response from nearly a dozen firefighting crews, according to local reports.

Nathalie Tejada, who captured this footage, was awakened with her family in the early hours of Saturday by a policeman who told them they needed to evacuate.

“It looked like the whole city was on fire,” Tejada told Storyful, “There was debris flying onto roofs and on the ground, nearly hitting bystanders on its way down.”

According to Tejada, the fire engulfed several buildings in town and sent out an orange glow “so bright that it made it seem as though we were standing on the sun.”

The fire, which sparked along the border between Central Falls and Pawtucket, caused the closure and evacuation of Dexter Street and Weeden Street, local news site Valleybreeze.com reported, and the cause of the blaze was under investigation. Credit: Nathalie Tejada via Storyful