'Look Who's Come to Visit': Huge Python Rests Up on Fence Outside Brisbane Home

A carpet python that perched itself on a driveway fence at a suburban house in Queensland, Australia, left the homeowner in a state of shock on May 1.

Belinda Barrie of Seventeen Mile Rocks, a suburb of Brisbane, had just finished her “isolation workout” in her garage-turned-gym when she noticed something moving on the fence.

She told Storyful, “It’s not uncommon to see little green tree snakes,” in the area, “but this is the first carpet python I’ve seen in 15 years.”

Speaking to local media, she said the snake spanned almost two fence panels.

Describing herself as “quite phobic” when it comes to snakes, she said at first her “heart stopped,” before she rationalized the situation and realized “it wasn’t there for me!”

Barrie watched the snake for “about two hours as it was catching the last rays of the sun for the day.” In the footage she can be heard saying “look who’s come to visit today,” and “lucky me.”

The snake, though, apparently became far more active after Barrie went inside, with a neighbor informing her that the reptile had been spotted “eating a possum.”

Speaking to Storyful, Barrie said, “We then found it at the top of a neighboring tree the next day, where it sat with a very obvious lump in its belly,” and there it remained “for a week,” she said, before moving on. Credit: Belinda Barrie via Storyful