A look inside a Saudi hotel for camels

STORY: Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Saudis can drop their camels off at this desert hotel

while they go about their daily errands

The Tatman hotel has 480 hotel rooms, both single and double

A full board stay including fodder and barley costs around $100 a night

plus another $27 for drinking milk

[Camel Owner, Naif Al-Dawsari]

"The experience here, if you have business or daily matters to attend to, the guys here will do your role and more than what you do for your camels."

Camels have to pass a medical examination to check-in

[Camel Owner, Naif Al-Dawsari]

"They provide services ranging from doctor examinations, guarding your camels, and security. This makes you and your camels are comfortable, but this costs more like 1,000 Saudi Riyals instead of 400."