‘Look at all the blood!’: Jeremy Renner posts first video from hospital after snow accident

Jeremy Renner has released a new video from the hospital, days after he was critically injured by a snowplough.

The Hawkeye star was airlifted to hospital over the New Year’s weekend after he was crushed by heavy-duty snow machinery.

He underwent two surgeries and was soon reported to be in “critical but stable” condition.

You can find the latest updates on Jeremy Renner’s condition here.

Now, the 51-year-old actor has shared a video of him receiving his first shower since being in the hospital.

A short clip, posted to his Instagram stories on Thursday (5 January), shows the actor sitting up in bed as his sister Kym massages shampoo into his hair.

“We so sexy,” she jokes as she rubs his head, before adding: “Look at all the blood!”

“First shower, definitely in a week or so,” Renner tells the camera. “Gross!”

In his caption for the post, Renner called the touching act an “ICU spa moment to lift my spirits”.

Jeremy Renner shares footage of an ‘ICU spa moment’ with family (Instagram / Jeremy Renner)
Jeremy Renner shares footage of an ‘ICU spa moment’ with family (Instagram / Jeremy Renner)

He continued by expressing his gratitude for the support of his family and others.

“Thank you mama, thank you sister, thank all [of] you for your love,” the message reads.

On Tuesday (3 January), he shared his first post from his hospital bed in the form of a selfie. After thanking fans for their kind words, Renner’s post reads: “I’m too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all.”

Fans and celebrity friends alike were quick to respond to the news of his partial recovery. Notable figures who have commented on the post include his Marvel co-stars Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth, the latter of which wrote: “Speedy recovery buddy. Sending love your way!”

On Thursday (5 January), information from the emergency services call log was released, detailing the extent of Renner’s injuries immediately after the incident.

Along with an impacted leg, the Hurt Locker star was reported to have had a collapsed chest on the right side, and a crushed upper torso.