‘Look How Big It Is!’: Alligator Walks Across Florida Intersection

Florida resident Francia E. Scott-Marr was driving to a friend’s house on April 26 when she encountered a large alligator in the middle of a heavily trafficked intersection in Seffner, Florida.

Scott-Marr recorded video once she arrived at the intersection, which shows the massive animal trudging slowly on the road while several cars are stopped behind it.

“This gator is in the road. This gator is crossing the road, look how big it is!” Marr can be heard exclaiming from inside her car while her dog Chloe barks at the creature.

Initially, Marr thought the alligator was a rug that had fallen off of someone’s car, but she realized that was not the case as she got closer.

According to local reports, the animal eventually made it safely across the intersection. Credit: Francia E. Scott-Marr via Storyful