Longchamp gets ready for the ring with Emotionally Unavailable collab

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The Longchamp brand has unveiled a collection with a sportswear flavor in partnership with Emotionally Unavailable, the label founded by Edison Chen and Kybum Lee. This line of ready-to-wear apparel and accessories lands with boldness and humor, making fashion fans want to slip into a pair of boxing gloves and start sparring... in style.

The collaborations keep on coming from Longchamp, always bringing something fresh. And that's no bad thing! After Shayne Oliver, Jeremy Scott and even Pokémon, the French leather goods house is trying its hand at sportswear in partnership with Emotionally Unavailable (EU), the label founded by Edison Chen and Kybum Lee.

The pair took inspiration from one of Longchamp's iconic bags -- Le Pliage -- for this collaborative collection, which draws from the world of boxing, particularly the mentality of boxing champions who keep on fighting even when they're down. The result is a collection that's steeped in energy and audacity, and not without a touch of humor. Many pieces feature the play on words "Been a CHAMP a LONG time," sometimes accompanied by "Professional Heartbreaker," nodding to the Emotionally Unavailable logo.

"We're not trying to do a boxing-inspired collection. We're talking about heartbreak, deep love and self-strength. These taglines come out because we're all in this constant struggle of relationships and feelings -- not only in love, but with our siblings, our parents, our co-workers. It's this thing everyone goes through," explains Edison Chen in a statement.

The Le Pliage bag is evidently the star of this collection, which isn't short on audacity. Several designs and various formats are proposed by Longchamp and EU, with options in nylon and in leather. These are joined by a ready-to-wear apparel capsule that included basics (hoodies, t-shirts), a short-sleeve round-neck sweater, pants, plus two boxing-inspired unisex pieces -- black satin shorts and a kimono.

The Longchamp x EU collection launches April 27 in stores and online at Longchamp.com .

Christelle Pellissier