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Long-Distance Friendship Lamps Are the Cutest Way to Keep in Touch

We don't have to tell you twice — being far away from your best friend is tough. Sure, there's FaceTime, texting, and Instagram, but nothing can really replace knowing your BFF is just there. Thankfully, though, there are now devices that can help bridge that gap: long-distance friendship lamps.

Especially popular on Pinterest right now, these special lamps give you a way to quietly let your bestie know you're thinking of her, and vice versa. Once you and your BFF (or boyfriend, or sister, or grandmother!) purchase a set, you'll connect them to your individual home WiFi networks and to each other. Then, when you think of your faraway friend, all you have to do is tap your lamp, and hers will light up wherever she may be. Some even allow you to choose a specific color to represent you or to connect a whole group of friends on the same larger network of lamps.

These devices can be a little pricey (the numbers below are each for a set of two), but keep in mind that they're pieces of tech that work to keep you and your loved ones connected. And wouldn't they make the sweetest best friend gift?