Lone Trumpeter Proves 'Music Never Stops in New Orleans', Despite Looming Hurricane

The defiant spirit of New Orleans was embodied on August 29 by a lone trumpeter who played in the city’s deserted French Quarter as Hurricane Ida barreled towards the Big Easy.

Video taken by journalist Phil Lavelle shows the man standing in the middle of the typically music-packed neighborhood as rain falls.

“The music never stops in New Orleans. Not even for a ‘life altering’ hurricane,” Lavelle wrote in the video’s caption.

The hurricane was carrying winds of up 145 mph when it made landfall on Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center. It left around a million people without power before it weakened to a depression as it moved north.

At least two deaths were attributed to the storm, but authorities expected this figure to rise. Credit: Phillip Lavelle via Storyful

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