Londoners react after UK PM wins confidence vote

STORY: Johnson won the vote late on Monday (June 6) by 211 votes to 148 - enough to avoid having to immediately resign but a larger than anticipated rebellion within his party that leaves him politically wounded and battling to win back the confidence of his colleagues and the general public.

Lawyer Simon Gibb, 35, hoped those MPs who voted to save Johnson were "finding their backbone" and described the prime minister as "a stranger to the truth".

Designer Chris Thomason thought the result of the ballot was due to lack of a suitable alternative.

"The devil you know rather than the devil you don't," Thomason told Reuters while crossing London Bridge.

The decision showed the Conservative party was out of touch with the public, said 22-year-old Jess Mannall.

Sales manager Louise Rowney, 40, who voted for Johnson in the previous election said she would change her vote at the next election.

Lawmakers in Johnson's party called the confidence vote after months of scandal over lockdown-breaking parties at the heart of government and criticism of his response to an inflation-fuelled surge in the cost of living.

The rules of Johnson's Conservative Party mean he is safe from another confidence vote for the next 12 months, but those rules could technically be changed if there is enough political will to do so.

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