Londoners line up for Christmas vaccines

Omicron's rapid spread has driven a surge in cases over the last seven days, especially in the capital.

Around 1 in 20 Londoners likely had COVID-19 on Dec. 16 and early estimates - which could yet be revised - suggest this may have risen to 1 in 10 on Sunday (December 19), models from the Office for National Statistics showed on Friday.

Many industries and transport networks are struggling with staff shortages as sick workers self-isolate, while hospitals in Britain have warned of the risk of an impact on patient safety.

"It's family time. It's time that you wanna spend with your loved ones, and it's oftentimes like that that we get to think through the real priorities, and the real priorities are that you wanna protect yourself and you wanna protect your loved ones. If you haven't had that opportunity to make your mind up before, we want you to know that we're here today, tomorrow and throughout the rest of the month, for you, to come in and get vaccinated," said Dr Najib Seedat in an east London vaccination centre.

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