Londoners enjoy last night out before new lockdown

It was last orders for a while at the pub in London on Wednesday (November 4).

Many flocked to bars and restaurants in the city to enjoy a night out before new lockdown measures come in.

Restaurants, gyms and non-essential shops are all due to close in England on Thursday for four weeks.

The UK is grappling with a second wave of coronavirus infections with some 20,000 new cases being recorded each day.

The death toll rose on Wednesday by 492, the most since mid-May.

Scientists have warned that if left unchecked Britain could face 80,000 more deaths in a worst case scenario.

But people on the streets were divided about the effectiveness of the new measures:

"I think it's a terrible thing, it's very sad. And I think it will be great if they could somehow stay open."

"When it comes to the pub shutting I think it's a great idea to curb the spread of the coronavirus but I do think it's sad for those whose jobs rely on the social aspect"

Teo Catino owns Pagliaccio in west London.

He said it was only the second time that the Italian restaurant has closed in its more than 20 year history.

The first time was during the previous lockdown, and he worries for the livelihoods of his staff.

"I employ over 20 people and I got people working for me for the last 22 years, some of them 20. So I've still got to keep them going, because they're married, they've got kids, they've got mortgages."

Some revellers weren't keen to call it a night, and police had to disperse several crowds.

Earlier in the day, officers had taken to social media to urge people to socially distance.