London Zoo's New Baby Sloth Rests Cozily on Mama's Belly

London Zoo’s 16-year-old sloth Marilyn celebrated the start of the new year with the birth of a baby two-toed sloth, according to a statement shared with Storyful.

The baby sloth, nicknamed Nova, was born on New Year’s Day. Zookeepers will not know the new addition’s sex until vets confirm it after a hair DNA analysis.

“Every birth at London Zoo is a conservation success and a vital part of ZSL’s work preserving and protecting wildlife. The start of a new year is always cause for celebration, but the arrival of baby Nova has made 2023 extra special,” the zoo told Storyful.

According to the statement, two-toed sloths have a gestation period of 10 to 11 months, and infants are already physically well-developed when born. Credit: ZSL London Zoo via Storyful

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