London motorist gets hand-drawn note on how to park properly after vehicle took up two bays in parking lot

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 — A parking lot vigilante in London has decided to attach a patronising note to the windscreen of a car as the driver failed to park the vehicle in the lot.

A picture of the note, which had since gone viral on social media, was taken by another motorist who shared it on Reddit's Casual UK room.

Using the handle MrReallyBadGamer, he said the hand-drawn note was left on a car on his street, Daily Mail reported.

The note included a drawing of the correct way to park a car. It even gave the motorist a rating of two out of 10 for the skills and was asked to try harder.

In the sketch, three vehicles can be seen parked within the parking bays, with a tick next to them.

The bottom of the page showed two cars taking up four bays because one was parked over the line, with a cross next to it, indicating that 'how you have managed to park' is wrong. Reddit users were amused by the note with some applauding the drawing skills.