London mayoral election results LIVE: Sadiq Khan 'beyond humbled' as he wins historic third term in City Hall

Sadiq Khan has won an historic third term in City Hall as he secured a resounding victory in the London mayoral election.

The Labour incumbent outscored his main rival, Conservative Susan Hall, in nine of the 14 constituencies that declared their results on Saturday.

Mr Khan secured 1,088,225 votes to 812,397 for Ms Hall - some 275,828 more.

Ms Hall outpolled Mr Khan in Bexley and Bromley, Havering and Redbridge, Croydon and Sutton, Ealing and Hillingdon and her home turf of Brent and Harrow.

But Mr Khan made key gains in West Central and South West, outpolling the Conservatives in areas he had come second three years ago.

In his victory speech, Mr Khan said he was “beyond humbled” to serve the city as he called being mayor “the honour of my life”. He also hit out at the “non-stop negativity” he faced during a bitter election campaign.

The two frontrunners in the contest were among 13 candidates in the race.

The battle between Mr Khan and his Tory challenger Ms Hall had been expected to be closer than polls suggested.

It came after turnout fell in all of Mr Khan’s key battlegrounds – and rose in some of Ms Hall’s Tory heartlands - sparking rumours in political circles that Ms Hall could pull off a shock win.

Counting began at 9am on Saturday.

Votes are also being counted in the election for the London Assembly. You will be able to follow all the results on our dedicated page, and on this live blog.Voting figures for each of the 14 London Assembly constituencies will be announced as soon as each count is completed, with the first declaration expected on Saturday afternoon.

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Live coverage ends

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The Evening Standard’s election live blog has ended.

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Election results 'disappointing' - Sunak

22:24 , Jacob Phillips

Rishi Sunak admitted it was "disappointing" that Andy Street lost, but insisted the country was "turning a corner" and that his party's plan "is working".

In a statement, the Prime Minister said: "After a tough few years in the aftermath of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we as a nation are turning a corner. Our plan is working with inflation more than halved, tax cuts worth an average of £900 hitting people's pockets, state pensions protected with our triple lock, our Rwanda bill signed into law, allowing us to start detaining illegal migrants ready for the first flights, legal migration down and defence spending boosted. We Conservatives understand the priorities of the British people and are delivering on them.

"It's been disappointing of course to lose dedicated Conservative councillors and Andy Street in the West Midlands, with his track record of providing great public services and attracting significant investment to the area, but that has redoubled my resolve to continue to make progress on our plan. So we will continue working as hard as ever to take the fight to Labour and deliver a brighter future for our country. It is as clear that Labour just don't have a plan. They have no plan to defend our nation, no plan to stop the boats and no plan to grow the economy. They are a soft touch and would take us back to square one.

"So by sticking to the plan we will secure our borders, grow the economy and create opportunities so everyone in this great country can thrive and prosper."

Londonwide assembly members announced

21:54 , Jacob Phillips

The 11 London-wide seats on the London Assembly have been announced.

The seats are based on the share London-wide share of the votes following Thursday’s election.

Five Conservatives were elected to the London Assembly in the city-wide top-up list, including defeated mayoral candidate Susan Hall, and Lord Shaun Bailey, who was beaten by Sadiq Khan in 2021.

Emma Best, Andrew Boff and Alessandro Georgiou were also elected, along with Greens Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and Zack Polanski, and Elly Baker (Labour), Hina Bokhari (Liberal Democrat) and Alex Wilson (Reform UK).

Labour had 951,056 votes in the London-wide contest (38.40%), with the Conservatives on 648,269 (26.17%), Greens 286,746 (11.58%), Lib Dems 215,682 (8.71%) and Reform UK 145,409 (5.87%).

The Labour majority was 302,787 (12.23%) and there was a 2.41% swing from Conservative to Labour.

The result means the political make-up of the assembly is Labour, 11, Conservatives, eight, Greens three, Lib Dems two and Reform UK one.Here is the full results for the London Assembly

All election results for Saturday declared

21:52 , Jacob Phillips

All election results for Saturday have now been declared, with the final three due on Sunday.

They are Salford Council and Kent and Sussex police and crime commissioners, with the results all due in the afternoon.

Laurence Fox loses deposit

21:20 , Jacob Phillips

Laurence Fox polled 0.005% of the 2,493,805 votes cast for the "Londonwide" members of the London Assembly.He received a total of 13,795 votes, which means that he will lose his £5,000 deposit.

He was not elected.

West Midlands Mayor Richard Parker thanks Andy Street after shock win

21:16 , Jacob Phillips

Newly elected Mayor of the West Midlands Richard Parker thanked Conservative candidate Andy Street after his shock win.

Speaking after his election was announced, Labour's Mr Parker said: "Thank you first and foremost, thank you."

He thanked polling staff and added: "Thank you also to Andy (Street), you've led this region through a number of great challenges and you deserve a great credit for that.

"You deserve credit for building up the combined authority into the powerhouse that it is today, through the economic shocks, and leading this region when it came out of Covid.

"You've been out there representing our region, I absolutely believe that whilst our politics are different, Andy, we both have our best interests of the West Midlands at heart."

Andy Street’s defeat is a huge blow to the Tories (Jacob King/PA) (PA Archive)
Andy Street’s defeat is a huge blow to the Tories (Jacob King/PA) (PA Archive)

Labour's Richard Parker elected Mayor of the West Midlands

20:59 , Jacob Phillips

Labour's Richard Parker beat Conservative Andy Street by 1,508 votes to becomeMayor of the West Midlands.

Labour's Richard Parker checks his speech before he is declared as the new Mayor of West Midlands (Jacob King/PA Wire)
Labour's Richard Parker checks his speech before he is declared as the new Mayor of West Midlands (Jacob King/PA Wire)

Andy Street has lost the West Midlands mayoralty

20:14 , Jacob Phillips

Andy Street has lost the West Midlands mayoralty in a shock defeat for the Conservatives, as Labour mayors swept to victory across England amid a drubbing for Rishi Sunak.

Tory candidate Mr Street had hoped to cling on in the West Midlands, but was narrowly defeated in an upset by his Labour rival Richard Parker, party sources said.

The Conservative loss was part of a double blow for the Prime Minister after Labour's Sadiq Khan secured a historic third term as Mayor of London.

The party also counted mayoral victories in Liverpool, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and in Greater Manchester where Andy Burnham returned to power.

With the loss of the West Midlands, the Prime Minister is left with the sole consolation of a mayoral victory in the Tees Valley.

Lord Ben Houchen retained the region for the Tories on Friday, amid denials he had sought to distance himself from the Conservatives during the campaign.

Mr Street's loss may have an impact on the Prime Minister's defence against backbench Tory challenges to his authority.

As West Midlands mayor, Mr Parker will represent an area covering Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, and other boroughs across the region.

Labour claims West Midlands Mayor

20:07 , Jacob Phillips

Labour has claimed the mayoral election in the West Midlands.

We are still waiting for confirmation but it appears that Conservative mayor Andy Street has been unseated.

Labour win 983,216 votes in London Assembly election

19:54 , Jacob Phillips

With all 14 constituency results in for the London Assembly election, Labour recorded 983,216 votes (39.70%) with the Conservatives on 673,036 (27.18%), Greens 319,859 (12.92%), ahead of the Lib Dems on 274,049 (11.07%) - with Reform UK on 183,358 (7.40%).

The London-wide top-up list, which decides the other 11 Assembly members, is still to be announced.

Count Binface beats Britain First: "Down with fascism, up with Ceefax"

19:10 , Michael Howie

London mayoral hopeful Count Binface said "down with fascism, up with Ceefax" after discovering he had beaten Britain First's candidate Nick Scanlon.

He told reporters at City Hall: "It looks like I have defeated Britain First in an election.

"Come on, you have to cheer about that...down with fascism, up with Ceefax, what can I say?"

Sadiq Khan's victory speech in full

18:12 , Jacob Phillips

You can watch Sadiq Khan’s full speech from City Hall below.

Pictures capture the best moments of Sadiq Khan's victory

18:11 , Jacob Phillips

It has been an eventful day so far at City Hall as the London Mayoral Election results came in.

Here are some of the best pictures capturing the results.

Britain First candidate Nick Scanlon heckles as Sadiq Khan speaks on the day of the results of the London mayoral election (REUTERS)
Britain First candidate Nick Scanlon heckles as Sadiq Khan speaks on the day of the results of the London mayoral election (REUTERS)
Sadiq Khan chuckles on stage at City Hall (Getty Images)
Sadiq Khan chuckles on stage at City Hall (Getty Images)
Re-elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan with Count Binface,  during the declaration for London's Mayor (Getty Images)
Re-elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan with Count Binface, during the declaration for London's Mayor (Getty Images)
London mayoral candidate Count Binface reacts after the results were announced (Getty Images)
London mayoral candidate Count Binface reacts after the results were announced (Getty Images)
Susan Hall extends a handshake to Sadiq Khan as he is announced Mayor of London for a third time (Getty Images)
Susan Hall extends a handshake to Sadiq Khan as he is announced Mayor of London for a third time (Getty Images)

Moment Sadiq Khan was heckled as he made speech at City Hall

17:58 , Jacob Phillips

This is the moment Sadiq Khan was heckled as he began his victory speech at City Hall.

Mr Khan managed the first few lines of his speech before the defeated Britain First candidate chanted "Khan killed London".

The crowd was warned that security would remove people who disrupt the speeches.

How did each candidate in the London mayoral election perform?

17:48 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan got a majority of 275,828 (11.1%) and 43.8% of the votes as he was re-elected as London Mayor.

There were 1,088,225 people voting for him, with Conservative rival Susan Hall second with 812,397 votes (32.7%) and Liberal Democrat Rob Blackie on 145,184 (5.84%), narrowly ahead of Zoe Garbett (Green) with 145,114 (5.84%).

Howard Cox (Reform) got 78,865 votes, (3.17%), Natalie Campbell (Independent) 47,815 (1.92%), Amy Gallagher (Social Democratic Party) 34,449 (1.39%), Femy Amin (Animal Welfare Party) 29,280 (1.18%), Andreas Michli (Independent) 26,121 (1.05%), Tarun Ghulati (Independent) 24,702 (0.99%), Count Binface 24,260 (0.98%), Nick Scanlon (Britain First) 20,519 (0.83%), Brian Rose (London Real Party) was last with 7,501 (0.3%).

Susan Hall: 'This is not an episode of the wire this is London under his watch'

17:47 , Jacob Phillips

Speaking at City Hall Conservative candidate Susan Hall called on Sadiq Khan to make reforming the Metropolitan Police and making London safe his top priority.

She said: “He owes it to the families of those thousand people who have lost lives to knife crime under his mayoralty.

“I hope too that he stops patronising people like me who care. This isn’t an episode of the wire this is real life on his watch.

“I will continue to hold Sadiq to account, to stand up for the hard-working families, to motorists and for women.”

Mayor of London and Labour Party candidate Sadiq Khan speaks next to Conservative candidate Susan Hall (REUTERS)
Mayor of London and Labour Party candidate Sadiq Khan speaks next to Conservative candidate Susan Hall (REUTERS)

Sadiq Khan pays tribute to family after victory

17:41 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan has apologised to his family for the “upsetting” and “frightening” threats and protests by their home they have endured.

Speaking at City Hall Mr Khan said: "A special thank you goes to my mum, everything she's done for me. I love you. And to my amazing wife, Saadiya, and our daughters Anisah and Ammarah, for their strength and support throughout all these years.

"I know there have been times when this job has taken a toll on you. But that's not right, or fair.

"Some of the stuff on social media, the protests by our home, the threats. It's upsetting, it's frightening and it's wrong. I'm truly sorry for putting you through this.

"But I also know, you share my belief as hard as it can be sometimes, this work is worth doing because it means being able to give to other families the same life-changing opportunities that this wonderful city has extended to ours. I love you all so much."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Sadiq Khan calls for general election following victory

17:32 , Jacob Phillips

Following his victory Sadiq Khan called for a general election.

He said: “For the last eight years London has been swimming against the tide of a Tory government and now with a Labour party that is ready to govern again under Keir Starmer it is time for Rishi Sunak to give the public a choice.

“A general election wouldn’t just pave the path for a new direction for our country, it will make bold action Londoners want to see a reality.

“I also have a message for those Londoners who didn’t vote for me this week.

“I promise I will always be a mayor for all Londoners and one who takes very seriously the duty I have to represent the interests of every community.”

The moment Sadiq Khan was declared Mayor of London

17:27 , Jacob Phillips

Here is the moment cheers broke out as Sadiq Khan was declared Mayor of London at City Hall.

Sadiq Khan: 'It is the honour of my life to serve the city that I love'

17:25 , Jacob Phillips

Speaking to London following his third historic victory, Sadiq Khan said: “It is the honour of my life to serve the city that I love.

“I am beyond humbled right now. I want to express my deep gratitude to my fellow Londoners and make this pledge to you.

“I promise to repay the trust you placed in me by working tirelessly to deliver the fairer, safer and greener London you deserve.

“It has been a difficult few months. We faced a campaign of non-stop negativity. But I could not be more proud that we answered fear-mongering with facts. Hate with hope.”

Boos break out as Sadiq Khan speaks at City Hall

17:22 , Jacob Phillips

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was only able to say a sentence before boos broke out at City Hall after his victory was officially announced.

Ahead of the interruption Mr Khan said: “Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you London.”

Watch live from City Hall as Sadiq Khan wins third term

17:16 , Jacob Phillips

Watch live as Sadiq Khan is due to speak following his victory in the London mayoral election.

Mr Khan’s victory has now been officially declared on stage at City Hall.

Full recount ordered in Coventry as West Midlands mayoral election heats up

17:04 , Jacob Phillips

Away from London, a full recount of votes has been ordered at the Coventry count for the West Midlands mayoral election.

Electoral officials at the Birmingham count estimated that the Coventry recount would take around two hours to complete.

Sadiq Khan wins nearly 44 per cent of votes in London

16:57 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan has secured nearly 44 per cent of the vote as he increased his vote share in London.

Meanwhile, Conservative Susan Hall won just over 32.5 per cent of votes.

Green candidate Zoe Garbett was third with the Liberal Democrat’s Rob Blackie in fourth.

First reaction from Sadiq Khan's team

16:42 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan’s office has said the Mayor of London is “deeply humbled” after winning a historic third term.In a statement, they said: “He’s deeply humbled and grateful that 1,088,225 Londoners lent him their vote and vows to deliver for every single Londoner - whoever they voted for.”

Results so far for London Assembly members

16:40 , Jacob Phillips

There are still a number of London Assembly member results to be announced following the mayoral result.

So far Labour have claimed eight seats.

Here is how the results have unfolded so far and how they currently compare to the 2021 results.

Result worse for the Conservatives than in 2021

16:32 , Jacob Phillips

Susan Hall has polled 80,000 fewer votes than Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey did in 2021, when looking at his first preference votes.

Sadiq Khan secures a huge majority

16:29 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan has secured one of the largest majorities in the seven London mayoral elections to date.The huge margin is partially down to the election being switched to a first-past-the-post system.

The decision by the Government to switch the electoral system meant voters realistically had only one of two levers to pull: Labour or Conservative.

How did the London mayoral race unfold?

16:22 , Jacob Phillips

Before counting began there were rumours in political circles that Conservative Susan Hall had pulled off a shock win in the race for London Mayor.

Turnout had fallen in Sadiq Khan’s key battlegrounds, creating some nerves for the Labour Party.

But as the results began to be announced Mr Khan strengthened his position in many areas of the capital, including areas such as Camden & Barnet and the East End.

Here is how the race for mayor unfolded.

Sadiq Khan becomes first London Mayor to win three terms

16:08 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan has won a historic third term as London Mayor.

The Labour politician won 1,088,225 votes while Conservative Susan Hall received 812,397 votes, meaning Mr Khan won by 275,828 votes.

You can find out how each region of London voted in the graphic below.

Sadiq Khan is re-elected Mayor of London

16:00 , Jacob Phillips

Sadiq Khan has won a historic third term as Mayor of London

Labour's Tracy Brabin wins re-election in West Yorkshire Mayoral race

15:52 , Sami Quadri

Labour’s Tracy Brabin retained her job as West Yorkshire Mayor after winning over half of the votes.

She got 275,430 votes (50.38%) ahead of Conservative Arnold Craven (15.14%), Andrew Cooper (Green) was on 12.19%, Bob Buxton (Yorkshire Party) on 8.77%, Jonathan Tilt (Independent) 8.49% and Lib Dem Stewart Golton last on 5.03%, with a Labour majority of 192,673 (35.24%) and a turnout of 32.38%.

Khan wins Barnet & Camden

15:44 , Sami Quadri

Burnham says Britain 'desperately needs a new Government' after Manchester mayoral re-election

15:44 , Sami Quadri

Andy Burnham has said Britain “desperately needs a new Government and a fresh start” after he was re-elected as Greater Manchester Mayor.

He said: “Britain desperately needs a new Government and a fresh start and from here, we will work hard to bring that change about.”

Mr Burnham said the “Westminster one size fits all approach” has not worked for parents in Harpurhey, “trapped in debt because of the pernicious combination of the housing and the benefit system” or for communities “suffering the after effects of youth violence and struggling to make sense of it”.

He added: “And the truth is this. If you have an education system overly focused on the university route, you will leave some young people growing up without hope. If you have a benefit system overly focused on sanctions rather than support, you will end up with a growing mental health crisis.

“And if housing policy is exclusively focused on promoting homeownership, you will leave millions trapped in a housing crisis. Greater Manchester is ready to break out of this. Devolution in England is working and these elections show voters are buying into it, but it is time now to go much further.”

Andy Burnham re-elected as mayor of Manchester

15:31 , Sami Quadri

Andy Burnham was re-elected as Greater Manchester Mayor with 63.4% of the vote, with Conservative Laura Evans on 10.39%, and Dan Barker (Reform) on 7.46%, ahead of Hannah Spencer (Green) 6.92% and Jake Austin (Lib Dem) 4.25% on a turnout of 31.77%.

 (Peter Byrne/PA Wire)
(Peter Byrne/PA Wire)

Results tracker: Hall starts to close gap on Khan

15:28 , Sami Quadri

Susan Hall wins Ealing and Hillingdon

15:24 , Sami Quadri

Ms Hall claimed her third constituency victory by outpolling Mr Khan in Ealing and Hillingdon by 75,396 votes to 73,257 votes.

The area includes the Uxbridge and South Ruislip parliamentary constituency that Labour failed to win last year, apparently because of the Ulez expansion. There was a 0.6 per cent swing from the Tories to Labour as Mr Khan narrowed the gap compared to three years ago.

Results tracker: Khan takes strong lead

15:17 , Sami Quadri

Susan Hall outperformed predecessor Shaun Bailey in Brent & Harrow while Khan's vote dropped

15:14 , Sami Quadri

Susan Hall wins Brent and Harrow

15:06 , Sami Quadri

In Brent and Harrow, where the Tories outpolled Mr Khan last time by almost 4,000 votes, Susan Hall widened the gap on her home turf – the second constituency won by the Tories. She polled 66,151 to 58,743 for Mr Khan.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street wins Solihull in bid for re-election

15:00 , Sami Quadri

Traditional Tory stronghold Solihull was the first of seven council areas to declare its results for the West Midlands Mayor election, with Tory Andy Street polling well ahead of Labour’s Richard Parker.

Mr Parker received 11,728 votes, well behind Mr Street on 35,289.

Green Party candidate Siobhan Harper-Nunes received the third highest vote in the borough (3,582).

Solihull has the smallest number of registered voters of the seven boroughs in the region, with 162,529 of an electorate of more than two million.

London mayoral election results map

14:45 , Sami Quadri

Susan Hall wins big in Bexley & Bromley

14:36 , Sami Quadri

Susan Hall received her first bit of good news in the Tory stronghold of Bexley & Bromley, where she increased the Tory vote by more than 10,000 – though Sadiq Khan also saw his votes increase by more than 4,500. These boroughs are where opposition to the Ulez expansion has been most vociferous.

Candidates told to arrive at City Hall for 4.30pm for possible vote declaration

14:33 , Sami Quadri

London mayoral election candidates have been told to arrive at City Hall for 4.30pm, officials say. A possible vote declaration could come soon after that.

Overview of the London Mayoral election results so far

14:31 , Sami Quadri

By 2.15pm, Sadiq Khan had achieved convincing results in six of the 14 constituencies that had declared and looks virtually certain of victory.

It is thought the final result could come at 4.30pm. Candidates have been asked by the returning officer to make their way to City Hall.

Five results were in Labour strongholds. But Mr Khan also was ahead of Susan Hall in West Central - comprising the boroughs of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham – which was “won” by the Tories three years ago. The fact that Mr Khan was able to poll 11,000 votes more than Ms Hall has left her with a mountain to climb.

In South West, in which the Tories were ahead by about 3,000 votes three years ago, Mr Khan received 77,011 votes against 68,856 for Ms Hall. This was a 2.75 per cent swing to Labour.

In Enfield and Haringey, where Mr Khan outpolled the Tories by 26,545, he performed even better than last time, with a total of 82,725 votes, up more than 8,000. Susan Hall received 41,389 – down almost 7,000 votes.

All eyes are now on Bromley and Bexley, which the Tories “won” by 56,280 votes in 2021. If Ms Hall fails to poll convincingly, defeat will be staring her in the face

Results tracker: Khan takes strong lead

14:23 , Sami Quadri

Sadiq Khan wins Enfield and Haringey

14:18 , Sami Quadri

Sadiq Khan has performed better than last time, with 8,000 more votes – a total of 82,725 votes. Susan Hall received 41,389 – down almost 7,000 votes.

Labour confident of victory after Sadiq Khan takes early lead

14:16 , Sami Quadri

Labour sources appear confident of a victory for Sadiq Khan in London.

Just four of 14 constituencies have declared their results for the capital’s mayoral contest.

Mr Khan is so far leading with 350,453 votes to Tory challenger Susan Hall’s 165,301.

The total turnout in the election is 2,495,621, with less than half of the results yet to be declared

Mr Khan needs to win a simple majority of ballots cast, as the rules for the mayoral race were changed to a first-past-the-post voting system.

Labour 'wins London mayoral election', party sources claim

14:15 , Sami Quadri

The BBC reports that Labour sources have confirmed Sadiq Khan's victory in the 2024 London mayoral election.

Current vote share of London's Mayoral candidates

14:13 , Sami Quadri

Sadiq Khan's vote swing now up by almost 6 per cent from 2021

14:08 , Sami Quadri

Sadiq Khan wins South West

14:06 , Sami Quadri

In South West, which the Tories were ahead by about 3,000 votes three years ago, Mr Khan received 77,011 votes against 68,856 for Ms Hall.

Labour sources 'claim victory for Khan'

13:58 , Sami Quadri

Labour has clinched the London mayoral election, securing a third term for Sadiq Khan, according to party sources speaking to Sky News.

Although only four of the capital's constituencies have reported results, Labour is reportedly confident enough in the early numbers to declare victory.

Despite initial concerns within the party about a close race due to low turnout, those fears have proven unfounded, as Khan has established a significant early lead over his Conservative opponent, Susan Hall.

Sadiq Khan wins West Central

13:55 , Sami Quadri

Massive result for Sadiq Khan in West Central – 54,481 against 43,405 for Susan Hall.

Three years ago, Tory Shaun Bailey polled 2,000 votes more than Mr Khan in this area.

Huge swing to Khan in North East

13:54 , Sami Quadri

Sadiq Khan wins North East

13:47 , Sami Quadri

In Khan’s top target area, North East, he won a massive 127,455 votes, 16,000 more than in 2021. Susan Hall received 34,099 votes, down 10,000 on Shaun Bailey.

Results tracker: Khan takes an early lead

13:43 , Sami Quadri

England mayoral elections after 6 of 11 results declared

13:35 , Sami Quadri

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Voter turnout figures 'very much' a confidence booster for the Conservatives

13:34 , Sami Quadri

Tory assembly member Keith Prince said the turnout figures published on Friday were “very much” a confidence booster for the Conservatives.

He said the increased turnout in some parts of outer London was likely driven by “a severe dislike for Sadiq” among Londoners.

He added that the results he has seen suggest the overall London result is “a lot closer than had been anticipated”.

Commenting on the initial results in Merton and Wandsworth, and Greenwich and Lewisham - which showed swings towards Labour - he said: “They are Labour heartlands, aren’t they. There’s 32 boroughs, so we’ve got a long way to go.”

Tory assembly member Keith Prince (Noah Vickers)
Tory assembly member Keith Prince (Noah Vickers)

Current election map as things stand

13:20 , Sami Quadri

Merton and Wandsworth victory will come as no surprise to Khan

13:15 , Sami Quadri

Merton and Wandsworth is Mr Khan’s home patch – heused to be a Wandsworth councillor and was the Labour MP for Tooting – so it is no surprise he has polled highly here.

But even he will be delighted with a lead of 33,749votes over Susan Hall. His vote was up by 8,322 on 2021 while hers was down by 8,484 on the Tory first-preferences three years ago.

Liverpool Mayor accuses Rishi Sunak of 'squatting in Downing Street' following election victory

13:12 , Sami Quadri

Steve Rotheram has accused Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of “squatting in Downing Street”.

The re-elected Liverpool City Region Mayor said: “The Prime Minister is squatting in Downing Street and I say, come out and face the voters, Mr Sunak, call a general election, we’re ready when you are, but whilst we’re waiting our work will continue unabated.”

He added: “This result isn’t just a rejection of the Tories, voters in our city region aren’t easily kidded, it’s a ringing endorsement of what we’re doing locally too, and they weren’t hoodwinked by pie-in-the sky populist pledges.

“It’s no less dishonest, you know, to promise to deliver undeliverable things locally than it is to advertise to £350 million a week for our NHS on the side bus if we left the EU.

“It appears that for some, mud slinging and smear tactics are still the weapon of choice in the armoury of the deceitful and desperate.”

Labour's Steve Rotheram wins third successive term as mayor of Liverpool City Region

13:06 , Sami Quadri

Incumbent Steve Rotheram won 68% of the vote in winning the Liverpool City Region Mayoral vote, with Conservative Jade Marsden on 10.24%, Tom Crone (Green) 9.77%, Rob McAllister-Bell (Liberal Democrat) 7.90% and Independent Ian Smith 4.08%, with a turnout of 23.52%.

Khan boosts vote in Greenwich and Lewisham by more than 7,000

13:04 , Sami Quadri

In Greenwich and Lewisham, a Labour stronghold, Mr Khan increased his haul of votes by more than 7,000 on the 2021 election.

But Ms Hall polled almost 7,000 votes fewer than Shaun Bailey, the Tory candidate three years ago.

This meant that Mr Khan was 46,970 votes ahead of Ms Hall in one of his key constituencies – a substantial gap.

Sadiq Khan wins in Merton and Wandsworth

12:57 , Sami Quadri

Khan increases vote share in Merton and Wandsworth by 6 per cent

12:56 , Sami Quadri

Khan secures bigger vote share in Greenwich and Lewisham than 2021

12:55 , Sami Quadri

Labour wins South Yorkshire mayoral election

12:53 , Sami Quadri

Labour’s Oliver Coppard has retained his job as South Yorkshire Mayor with 138,611 votes, while Conservative Nick Allen finished second on 44,945.

Sadiq Khan wins Greenwich and Lewisham with 46.5 per cent of the vote

12:36 , Sami Quadri

Sadiq Khan defeated Susan Hall in the mayoral vote in Greenwich and Lewisham, securing 46.5 per cent of the vote compared to Hall's 26.2 per cent.

Pictured: London mayoral election ballot papers are counted at the ExCel centre

12:25 , Sami Quadri

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Turnout falls across most constituencies from 2021 mayoral election

12:03 , Sami Quadri

Over 50 per cent of votes counted in almost all London constituencies

11:59 , Sami Quadri

More than 50 percent of the votes have been counted for both the Mayor of London and the London Assembly election in almost all constituencies.

City and East (Barking and Dagenham, City of London, Newham, Tower Hamlets) and Havering and Redbridge are the only constituencies that haven't reached the 50 percent counting mark yet.

Counting starts for the Manchester Mayoral election at Manchester Central

11:45 , Sami Quadri

 (Peter Byrne/PA Wire)
(Peter Byrne/PA Wire)

Tories 'no longer deserve to be in power', says Starmer

11:31 , Sami Quadri

The Conservatives no longer deserve to be in power, Sir Keir Starmer said, as he celebrated a Labour mayoral victory in the East Midlands.

Speaking in Mansfield alongside the new Labour mayor of the East Midlands Claire Ward, Labour leader Sir Keir said: “I think the message here is very, very clear, and I think across the East Midlands there has been a sending of that message to the Government, which is we are fed up with your division, with your chaos, with your failure.

“Fourteen years, and I am sorry, I don’t care which political party you support, if you leave your country in a worse state then when you found it 14 years later you do not deserve to be in Government for a moment longer.”

Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer with newly elected East Midlands mayor Claire Ward (Jacob King/PA Wire)
Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer with newly elected East Midlands mayor Claire Ward (Jacob King/PA Wire)

Labour candidate for Croydon East says it's 'too soon to tell' which way result will go

11:29 , Sami Quadri

Natasha Irons, Labour parliamentary candidate for Croydon East, told the Standard: “It’s too soon to tell. The last time we had this set of elections, we won by five per cent, so it was always going to close.”

Asked whether there was a realistic chance of Labour coming first in the Croydon and Sutton assembly constituency - which last time voted for Tory Shaun Bailey - she said: “I think there’s a realistic chance of us having a real battle on our hands - it’s always been a battle, particularly in outer London, where people have their own challenges and concerns.”

She added that she was not particularly worried by the turnout figures released on Friday evening, which showed turnout down in traditionally Labour areas, and up in some Conservative-dominated boroughs.

“I think we ran a good ground campaign. Hopefully we got our vote out, and we’ll see what happens,” she said.

Natasha Irons (Noah Vickers)
Natasha Irons (Noah Vickers)

Starmer calls on Labour to 'turn the page on decline'

11:12 , Sami Quadri

Sir Keir Starmer said his party will “turn the page on decline” as he set out his stall for the general election.

The Labour leader said: “It now is upon us to deliver that change to each of those people that put their faith in us in the vote here in the East Midlands and we will do so with a positive case for the country.”

He listed Labour’s plans to “pick up the NHS”, make sure the streets are safe, build affordable homes, and provide secure jobs.

Sir Keir said: “That falls to us, because today is the day that we celebrate the beginning of the turning of the page, one of the last milestones now as we go into that general election.”

He added: “Let’s turn the page on decline and usher in national renewal with Labour.”

Starmer confident Khan will win third term as mayor

10:57 , Sami Quadri

Sir Keir Starmer said he remains confident Sadiq Khan can win a third term as the Labour mayor of London.

Speaking to reporters in Mansfield, the Labour leader said: “Sadiq Khan was absolutely the right candidate. He has got two terms of delivery behind him and I am confident that he has got another term of delivery in front of him.

“But look, if you look across the country, I am standing here in Mansfield in the East Midlands where we have won a significant victory in the mayoralty here, but that is the pattern across the country.

“We have been winning in Blackpool in a by-election with a 26% swing, we have won in York and North Yorkshire, true blue Tory territory, and here in the East Midlands where there are very many constituencies that matter hugely in that general election.

“All of this is done with a purpose. I want a Labour Government to serve our country.

“This is effectively the last stop on the journey to the general election and I am really pleased to be able to show we are making progress, we have earned the trust and confidence of voters and we are making progress towards that general election.”

Decline in voter turnout due to 'voting system changes'

10:56 , Sami Quadri

Green London Assembly candidate Joe Hudson-Small claims the decline in voter turnout in parts of the capital is due to voting system changes.

He told the Standard: “We’re feeling pretty confident, we’re hoping for a strong third - just like last time, in City and East [constituency] and across London.

“We’ve been doing really well all across the local elections in England - in fact it might be one of our best elections ever.”

He said that the decline in turnout in inner city parts of the capital was potentially due to a “combination of people upset by the change of voting system, that’s been imposed by the Conservatives, and people feeling like their vote isn’t going to matter, and also [they] feel like the major parties aren’t speaking to people’s priorities”.

 (Noah Vickers)
(Noah Vickers)

Bexley and Bromley records highest voter turnout at London Mayoral election

10:46 , Sami Quadri

Bexley and Bromley emerged with the highest voter turnout among the constituencies at 48 per cent.

South West (Hounslow, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond Upon Thames) and Merton and Wandsworth followed closely with 45 per cent and 46 per cent, ranking second and third highest.

In contrast, City and East - covering Barking and Dagenham, City of London, Newham and Tower Hamlets - saw the lowest turnout at 31 per cent. Brent and Harrow recorded the second lowest at 37 per cent, and West Central (Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster) had the third lowest at 35 per cent.

Poll tracker: Khan has been well ahead but Hall has closed the gap

10:36 , Sami Quadri

Explained: Changes to the London Mayoral election voting system

10:18 , Sami Quadri

In 2022, the UK Government introduced the Elections Act, which brought several changes to the voting process.

This Act altered the voting method for the Mayor of London and other directly elected mayors across England. Previously, voters could pick a first and second choice using the Supplementary Vote system.

Now, you just get to make one choice, using the First Past the Post system, which is the same method used in UK Parliamentary elections. This new system was implemented in the 2024 elections.

However, the way we vote for the London Assembly remains the same.

London mayoral election: Could this be the closest contest ever?

10:06 , Sami Quadri

London appears set for one of the closest finishes to a mayoral race in recent history.

But what are the key factors that could result in a relatively low-key campaign ending in a nail-biting finale?

A fall in turnout – revealed on Friday night to have fallen from 42 per cent in 2021 to 40.5 per cent – and a switch to traditional first-past-the-post both mean there will probably be fewer votes for both leading candidates, Labour’s Sadiq Khan and his Tory rival, Susan Hall.

The Evening Standard’s City Hall editor Ross Lydall looks at what the key factors are that could result in a relatively low-key campaign ending in a nail-biting finish here.

Pictured: Election count underway at ExCel Centre in London

09:49 , Sami Quadri

Count at Excel Centre (Noah Vickers)
Count at Excel Centre (Noah Vickers)

Voter turnout for the 2024 London Mayoral election is 40.5%

09:29 , Sami Quadri

Voter turnout for the 2024 Mayor of London and London Assembly elections was 40.5%, according to London Elects.

This was down 1.5% on the turnout in 2021.

The Greater London Returning Officer will announce the result of the mayoral election at City Hall on Saturday once all the mayoral votes have been counted at the 14 constituencies.

Later on Saturday, the returning officer will announce the allocation of the 11 London-wide Assembly Member seats, following constituency results at individual count venues.

London mayoral election: How to watch the results come in before the winner announced

09:08 , Sami Quadri

Londoners craving to discover whether Sadiq Khan or Susan Hall will be the next mayor can follow the results as they come in.

The Evening Standard, main broadcasters, including the BBC and Sky, and other media outlets are set to be reporting the key results as they are announced.

London Elects, which organises the mayoral and other polls, also has a YouTube live feed which will show the results.

It can be found here.

London Elects will also list the results on this webpage.

Elections are taking place in the capital for the mayor, constituency London Assembly members and London-wide Assembly members using the proportional representation Modified D’Hondt System, with the results due to be announced in this order.

Local election drubbing demonstrates Sunak has 'very little to show'

08:43 , Sami Quadri

Local election results so far demonstrate Rishi Sunak has “very little to show” for his efforts to recover the Conservative brand following Liz Truss’s premiership, Sir John Curtice said.

The election expert told the BBC: “There is nothing in these results to suggest contrary to the opinion polls that the Conservatives are actually beginning to narrow the gap on Labour, and that so far at least, Rishi Sunak’s project which has tried to recover from the disaster – from the Conservatives’ point of view – of the Liz Truss fiscal event, that project has still got very little to show for it.

“That in a sense is the big takeaway.

“Now the Conservatives, as when all parties do badly in elections, they always want you to focus on the exception rather than the rule, and Tees Valley and probably the West Midlands are the exceptions not the rule.”

What does the London Assembly do?

08:32 , Sami Quadri

The London Assembly holds the Mayor and mayoral advisers accountable by examining their policies and programmes in committee meetings, plenary sessions, site visits, and investigations. It requires the Mayor to respond to its motions and formal recommendations.

Additionally, the Assembly questions the Mayor ten times a year during Mayor’s Question Time.

Assembly Members must also be consulted by the Mayor before finalising statutory strategies and the multi-billion pound GLA Group budget.

The Assembly has the power to reject the Mayor’s strategies and amend the draft budget if two-thirds of its members agree.

London mayoral election result: When will winner be announced?

08:21 , Sami Quadri

It will most likely be early afternoon on Saturday at the earliest when it will become clear whether Sadiq Khan has won a third term in City Hall or if Tory candidate Susan Hall has pulled off a surprise victory.

The counting of votes will start at 9am on Saturday.

Votes at previous London mayoral and assembly member elections have been counted electronically at three count centres.

This year, they will be counted by hand at 14 Assembly Constituency count venues across London.

The first results are expected to be announced from around midday on Saturday.

The Press Association has suggested that by 1.30pm it may be clear who will be the next mayor.

But past counts have drifted later so it could be late afternoon, or even the evening before it emerges whether Mr Khan or Ms Hall is the winner.

The tension could run into the night if the result is delayed further and the official announcement could even tip into Sunday.

You can read more here.

Boris Johnson thanks villagers who refused to let him vote without ID

08:05 , Sami Quadri

Boris Johnson has thanked three villagers who turned the former prime minister away from a polling station on Thursday for attempting to vote without a valid ID.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Johnson said he attempted to use a copy of Prospect magazine as a form of identification, but was turned away by local electorate officials.

Mr Johnson wrote: “I want to pay a particular tribute to the three villagers who on Thursday rightly turned me away when I appeared in the polling station with nothing to prove my identity except the sleeve of my copy of Prospect magazine, on which my name and address had been printed.

“I showed it to them and they looked very dubious… within minutes I was back with my driving licence and voted Tory.”

The requirement to provide photo ID was introduced by Mr Johnson during his time in Downing Street as part of the Elections Act 2022.

How London voted in 2021

07:53 , Sami Quadri

Which councils have changed hands?

07:49 , Sami Quadri

On Friday, 102 out of 107 councils in England declared their local election results, with five still pending.

Labour has gained more than 170 seats, now controlling 48 councils and seizing eightyesterday.

However, they lost Oldham in Greater Manchester after two councillors resigned over the war in Gaza earlier this year.

The Conservatives have shed over 440 seats, now holding over 470, and lost controlof 10 councils, including Basildon in Essex, a council symbolically significant as MargaretThatcher was once MP there.

The Liberal Democrats have added more than 100 councillors and captured Tunbridge Wells but failed to secure West Oxfordshire and Wokingham, both target areas.

What will be the first clues to a Sadiq Khan or Susan Hall victory?

07:31 , Matt Watts

Several key “bellwether” constituencies could give an early indication of whether Sadiq Khan is on course for an historic third term or whether Susan Hall could deliver a shock victory and seize City Hall for the Tories for the first time in more than a decade.

Read our City Hall editor Ross Lydall’s analysis here for a guide on what to look out for as the results come in.

Why is the contest closer than expected?

07:24 , Matt Watts

The battle to become the next London mayor is expected be far closer than the polls predicted.

This is because turnout data from the election released on Friday evening was favourable to Conservative candidate Susan Hall over Labour mayor Sadiq Khan.

Turnout fell in all of Mr Khan’s key Labour heartlands compared to the last election which he won in 2021 – and rose in some of the areas with more Tory voters.

For more detail , read our story here.

Welcome to our London mayoral election coverage

07:07 , Matt Watts

Welcome to our coverage of the London mayoral elections, stay with us through the day for all of the developments in the race for City Hall.

All eyes will now turn to the mayoral contest in London after a bruising day of election results for Rishi Sunak on Friday, following Thursday’s elections.

Labour incumbent Sadiq Khan is now believed to have a closer-than-expected contest with Tory challenger Susan Hall in the capital, with the count to begin in 14 centres around the capital at 9am.

We will have reporters at the count and to bring you the result when it is announced at City Hall later, so stay with us through the day.

The result in the mayoral election is expected this afternoon or this evening.