London Delivery Man Brings Some Groovy Christmas Cheer

A home security camera captured heartwarming footage of a DPD delivery man dancing and singing as he dropped off a package at a home in London on December 8.

Bexleyheath, London, resident Gemma McPherson was expecting a pair of shoes to be delivered when she got a notification on her phone that her front doorbell camera had been activated.

“I knew someone was coming down the pathway. I headed to the front door and I could hear what sounded like drums and singing,” McPherson told Storyful.

Her son answered the door and collected the package from the deliveryman, said thank you, and sent him on his way.

“Because I could hear something I decided to check on my Ring doorbell camera. And to my surprise it was him, the delivery driver, he was so lovely, happy, festive, and cheery,” McPherson said.

This video shows the delivery driver, Arnaud Helderal, walking up the driveway, singing a Christmas tune to himself as he taps on the package like a drum and dances a bit.

McPherson posted the video to a local Facebook page and several people commented sharing similar experiences, and it became clear that Helderal had unknowingly been spreading holiday cheer to residences all around Bexleyheath.

McPherson called DPD to let them know how pleased she was with her driver, and that she wanted to nominate him for an award to thank him for his incredible service.

“The very next day after receiving the award of recognition, he turned up at my doorstep and gave my son who answered the door that day the mug he received from work,” she told Storyful.

“We have seen him since and he has said how overwhelmed he is and how thankful he is,” she says, and that he has even stopped by since just to say hello. Credit: Gemma McPherson via Storyful