London 'Cat Dad' Throws 5-Year-Old Feline Birthday Bash Fit for a Queen

A pampered pet cat celebrated her fifth birthday in style, thanks to a fabulous paw-ty thrown for her last month.

Gafur Sadikov, who lives in London, shared a video on Instagram showing his beloved feline friend Jojo being spoiled on her big day.

Sadikov owns three cats and has dubbed them “three queens ruling over one kingdom with their cat dad.”

This party was certainly fit for royalty as Sadikov decked out his home with decorations especially for the occasion, spoiling JoJo with confetti, balloons, and her own personal photo shoot.

He told Storyful that he always celebrates his cats’ birthdays and creates “unforgettable memories.” Adding that this time he wanted to show “what work goes on behind the scenes.” Credit: Gafur Sadikov via Storyful

Video transcript