London artist plans to live in a dumpster for a year

STORY: This London artist converted

a dumpster into a tiny home

and plans to live in it for a year

amid a cost-of-living crisis

(Harrison Marshall, Artist)

"I was doing some work abroad and I was moving back to London and had to start that kind of dreaded hunt for a room. And as was the case with thousands of people across the city and across the country, the prices had gone crazy. You know, rent was mad. And even if I found somewhere that was in my price zone, then there'd be 100 other people or so looking for that room."

"A skip, obviously, it’s actually a very British term. I didn't realize when I first started doing these projects, but most of the world would know it as a dumpster."

It's outfitted with a small kitchen

"There's a very tiny fridge. As you can see. It does not fit that much … Now I do finally have electricity so I can cook, I’ve got a heater. I've got a dehumidifier because the condensation was starting to become a little bit of a problem. And then in terms of the toilet, I've got the portaloo in the corner of the site."

The project cost him around $4,800