Which logo for GE15 is latest sore point between PKR, Harapan

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Which logo for GE15 is latest sore point between PKR, Harapan
Which logo for GE15 is latest sore point between PKR, Harapan

Malaysia is tentatively two months away from the state of emergency being lifted and the possibility of a snap election being called.

However, it seems the opposition is still having internal problems.

Not only is a united front between those aligned to Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Pakatan Harapan elusive, but the latter seems to be fraying at the edges.

The latest internal disagreement that could potentially get heated and blow up is which logo to use during the 15th general election.

PKR wants the coalition to use the party's logo just as they did in 2018 while Amanah and DAP want to use the Harapan logo.

Malaysiakini understands the latter two had made their stance known during the Harapan retreat at Port Dickson in April.

However, PKR still hasn't given up, and their youth wing today again pushed for Harapan to use the party's logo for GE15.

In his policy speech at the PKR Youth congress this morning, wing chief Akmal Nasir said Harapan should use his party's logo to "restore the people's confidence".

Responding to this, DAP Youth chief Howard Lee said the suggestion was unwise.

"Harapan has not been banned [...] it is still supported by Malaysia's diverse people. Why would Harapan candidates be so adamant about using the PKR logo when Harapan has its own logo?

"What is the purpose of maintaining the name and movement of Harapan if the PKR logo is used instead?" he asked in a statement.

He also said that suggestions to use the PKR logo had undertones of betraying Harapan supporters and component parties.

Amanah Youth chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin - who is also Harapan Youth chief - took a more neutral stance saying that as a democratic coalition, debating the use of PKR's logo was not a problem.

Lee's response to the PKR Youth suggestion, however, did not appear to sit well with the latter.


PKR Youth secretary Syukri Razab said it was understandable that DAP Youth would not want to use the PKR logo.

"But the problem is that the DAP Youth chief wants to use the Harapan logo (this makes me) slap my forehead.

"It's said that Lee is skilled at politics but using the Harapan logo is more or less the same as this statement: Azmin Ali wants to be an honourable person," Syukri said, using the opportunity to take a jab at the former PKR deputy president who had defected.

"The statement is not problematic, but its practicality is impossible," he added.

Harapan had used the PKR logo in the 2018 general election after failing to get registered as a coalition.

However, it was formerly registered after it won the 14th general election and its logo was used in subsequent by-elections including in Port Dickson where PKR president Anwar Ibrahim contested.

This practice continued until the Sheraton Move led to the Harapan government's collapse last year.

In the proceeding Sabah state election, DAP and Amanah contested under the Warisan logo while PKR used their own logo.

The disagreement over which logo to use is not the first time after Harapan's fall from power that PKR has butted heads with DAP and Amanah.

Earlier this year, PKR Youth had kicked up a fuss after Amanah's Shazni was appointed as Harapan Youth chief instead of Akmal.

PKR Youth had argued that they had the stronger claim to the position.

DAP and Amanah leaders have also taken issue with Anwar's alleged plans to forge an alliance with corruption-tainted Umno leaders like Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Najib Abdul Razak.

Likewise, some in PKR are irked at DAP and Amanah for wanting to work with Mahathir and other parties aligned with him namely Warisan and Muda.

PKR views cooperation with Mahathir as a betrayal to Anwar who was supposed to take over as prime minister before the Harapan government collapsed.

Mahathir has likewise distanced himself from Harapan, saying his un-registered party Pejuang will contest as a third force in the next elections.