Logitech's new docking hub looks to take the pain out of hot desking

 Logi Dock Flex
Logi Dock Flex

Logitech has revealed a new docking station hub and desk booking system to help take the pressure of companies looking to support an easy hybrid working culture.

The Logi Dock Flex promises to be a “fully-featured” docking station for those working in a desk-sharing setup, offering up a single USB connection for opening up a range of options to workers bringing their laptop into the office.

That USB connects the laptop to the Logi Dock Flex’s 8-inch display, its trio of front-facing (read: easy-access) USB ports, and a second trio of rearward USB ports.

Logi Dock Flex

Beyond connection with peripherals, the Dock Flex can link into a dual-display setup, the network connection, and deliver 100 watts of power to keep even the most hungry mobile workstations fed.

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Logitech hopes that the dock’s screen will serve as a workers’ personal notice board, with options for background image personalization and more importantly, meeting and calendar integration.

This all works with the Logi Tune app, which companies can use to display messages on the screen such as desk availability. IT departments can also remotely tap into the device to manage settings and keep the dock in line with their hybrid working policies and network settings.

The Logi Dock Flex is set to go on sale in Fall 2023 for $699, but companies looking to try out the desk-booking service can do so today for free through the Sync management portal.

However, insights, alerts, and floor plan maps are considered premium features, which will require an ongoing subscription. For now, though, they remain in beta (for free) until July 1, 2024.