Log Becomes Perfect Chew Toy for Bathing Bear

A bear enjoying some bathing time at a New York animal sanctuary found the perfect chew toy in the shape of a large log of wood, footage shared to YouTube on April 19 shows.

The giant bather is called Randy, and the Syrian brown bear is one of the residents at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, in Otisville, New York.

The almost-800-pound behemoth can be seen chewing on the log before discarding it to enjoy the water for what looks like a relaxing dip.

Founded by Jim Kowalczik, Susan Kowalczik, and Kerry Clair in 2015, the center nurtures its animal residents, in the hope they can be returned to the wild.

The center often shares videos and updates about the animals in its care to its YouTube channel and Facebook page. Credit: Kerry Clair via Storyful

Video transcript


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