Lockdown diary: the Italian priest delivering blessings from car speaker

Priest Don Giuseppe Castelvecchio hasn't been able to conduct services in his San Fiorano church for two months.

So now he passes on his blessing to his flock through speakers attached to a car.

Emotional residents gather at windows and doorways as he passes by on the streets of the northern Italian town.

There's been an easing of their quarantine this week.

But no one here is in a mood to celebrate.

The mourning of those who've been lost in recent months will continue for some time.

Some shops can now open here and people can meet relatives they haven't seen for a long while.

But movement is still restricted.

Local authorities are anxious about the potential for a second wave of infections.

Marzio Toniolo has been documenting family life in lockdown in a series of video diaries.

He shows us the checkpoint where everyone entering Codogno market must first have their temperature checked.

"Everything has changed", he says, "because this market was very large and now there are only a few stalls that are spaced out".

The mood is one of caution.

Relief at more freedom, but a nervousness because the invisible danger has not yet gone away.