Lockdown: Billy Porter launches the most creative fashion challenge of the week

With lockdown in full swing, actor and singer Billy Porter, who is notably known for his extravagant red-carpet outfits, initiated a fashion challenge on Instagram designed to awaken the creativity of his fans and offer them an original occupation during this difficult period. The artist simply asked his followers to recreate -- using materials found in their homes -- the outfit he wore to the 2019 Met Gala, and to post a picture of it accompanied by the tag #BillyPorterFashionChallenge. Showing that they were more creative than ever, internet users responded with some quite amazing outfits. 

Time to get out your pencils, scissors, and needles! Billy Porter came up with the idea of the week, when he invited internet users to explore their talents as fashion designers for a few hours. The goal was to reproduce the outfit worn by the singer at the last Met Gala. 

One thing is certain, there are many budding designers on the web who could very well design an outfit for the next Met Gala, the date of which has yet to be decided following the postponement announced by Anna Wintour a few days ago. While waiting to find out more, here are the five most beautiful outfits created by internet users for the #BillyPorterFashionChallenge.

Stay tuned as Billy Porter has made it clear that this is the "first" fashion challenge for his followers. Others are expected to follow to keep fans busy in the most creative way possible during lockdown.