Locals Near Kharkiv Assess Damage After Deadly Shelling

Residents in Zolochiv near Kharkiv, Ukraine, were assessing damage to their homes and streets following shelling on July 12 that killed two people, according to a local official.

Oleg Synegubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, said in an update on Telegram on July 12 that two people had died.

Footage shows residents draping a UNCHR-branded tarp over a damaged roof as well as interior and exterior damage to other residential buildings in the town.

The footage was recorded by Ukraine-based freelance journalist Sergio Olmos, who also posted video on his Twitter page of damage to Zolochiv’s hospital. Olmos said Zolochiv “takes shelling almost daily”. Credit: Sergio Olmos via Storyful

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