Locals Have Fun as Beach Becomes 'Idyllic Ice Rink' in Sweden

Drone footage from a beach in Frillesas, Sweden, on February 14 shows local residents enjoying their Sunday afternoon on a natural ice rink after the bay was frozen over by wintry conditions.

Jacqueline Garellick, a local resident, captured footage of the scenes along the west coast of Sweden, which has experienced very low temperatures in recent times.

Speaking to Storyful, Garellick said, “February has been unusually cold for us this year, so our beaches have transformed into idyllic ice rinks where families come together in a safe place.”

She added, “Some brought their ice skates, some brought picnics and others brought their dogs. It was so nice seeing everyone enjoying the great outdoors on Valentine’s Day after the dark winter months.” Credit: Jacqueline Garellick via Storyful