Locals, animals struggle with heatwave in India

STORY: Animals in a zoo in the northern Uttar Pradesh state's Varanasi city were seen roaming around in the scorching heat.

“The children are fed up with the heat. We feel like fleeing because of it. The poor animals are lying…motionless as if they are dead,” zoo visitor Saroj Pandey said.

Meanwhile, the hill town of Shimla saw a water shortage as residents walked several kilometers from their homes to fetch water from public taps.

“We got our last water supply on Friday. We haven't received any water since then,” local resident Himanshu Bumrah said.

India, this year, witnessed an early and torrid summer which the scientists believe has also led to a rise in cases of dengue, malaria, and typhoid and has increased the risks of heat stroke and dehydration.

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