Locally Famous Walrus Dozes Atop Namesake Dutch Submarine

A walrus became an unlikely recruit for the Dutch navy as she hopped on board one of their submarines for some R&R, video posted on October 27 shows.

Local news reported that the walrus, named Freya, had been in Dutch waters for at least two months. She was frequently spotted near the city of Den Helder and in the Wadden Sea, maritime news site Shuttevaer reported.

This clip, posted on Facebook by the Royal Netherlands Navy, shows Freya dozing, appropriately, on top of a Walrus-class submarine.

According to navaltechnology.com, Walrus-class submarines, operated solely by the Royal Netherlands Navy, are considered one of the most advanced non-nuclear attack submarines in the world. The Walrus-class subs comprise four kinds of ships and have been in service since 1990.

The navy noted the coincidence, tweeting, “Apparently they look more like this seal species than we thought.” Credit: Royal Netherlands Navy via Storyful

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