Local woman lauds Machang’s bank officer for helping her sick mother after two-hour journey to the bank (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 — A woman in Kelantan expressed her gratitude towards a bank officer in Machang, Kelantan for assisting her stroke-stricken mother’s to perform a withdrawal transaction.

The woman shared a 21-second clip via her TikTok account S..nas on Monday detailing her experience at the CIMB's Machang branch where an officer was seen assisting her mother in the comfort of their car.

According to S..nas, she drove two hours to get to the bank to help her mother withdraw some of her funds but they found that her mother had forgotten to bring her MyKad which was needed due to the bank’s policies.

"Went to the bank with my mother who had a stroke to withdraw her money. However, she forgot to bring her IC.

"We only have a copy of her IC and if we were to go home and collect it, it would take another two-hour journey.

"However, thanks to the effort and kind gesture by the bank’s staff, we managed to sort it out. One of the bank officers personally came to our car to take my mother’s fingerprint and everything’s settled,” she wrote in the video.

S..nas admitted in another video that even though they were at fault for forgetting to bring her mother’s MyKad, they were touched by the bank staff’s kind gesture, which had also brought her mother to tears.

“If according to the proper procedure for banks or other official affairs, an IC card (MyKad) is very important, but we forgot to bring my mother’s.

“We were at fault, so we had humbly asked the bank officer to help us with the matter. Alhamdulillah, we met an officer who was kind and thoughtful.

“Some stroke patients sometimes have short memory, so the bank officer also went to check with my mother whether the withdrawal was with her consent or was it forced on to her. May Allah repay your kind deeds, a million thanks to you,” she wrote.

S..nas’s initial post has been viewed over 400,000 times on TikTok and has garnered over 17,000 likes with comments from local TikTok users applauding the bank officer.

“Alhamdulillah, a great example indeed, congratulations," commented user Fauziah Senawi851.

“My mom also had similar experiences like this, every month an officer will come to the car to assist her, Alhamdulillah, user cikpadi commented.

Although S..nas’s warm experience has touched many, her case is amongst the many incidences involving disabled elderly folks having to personally show up at local banks to sort out official matters.

Previously in September, a circulating video on TikTok showed a paralysed elderly woman in Gurun, Kedah being brought in an ambulance to a bank just so she could get her ATM card renewed.

According to portal Getaran, the woman's daughter was told that there was no other method the bank could offer, and the woman’s family even had to bear the cost of renting an ambulance just to transport their mother to the bank.

The clip triggered an outcry on social media with local social media users sympathising with the elderly woman and calling out local banks to revise their policies.