Local Volunteers Remove Halloween Bucket Stuck on Deer's Head for 'Two Weeks'

A neighborhood group in Lansing, Michigan, successfully removed a Halloween bucket from a deer’s head on January 22, which media reported had been stuck on the animal for weeks.

Local media, citing witnesses, reported a young deer had been roaming Lansing with the plastic pumpkin candy bucket on its head for two weeks.

Video recorded by South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, a group that helped resolve a similar situation in the Detroit area in December, shows a net falling over the deer, before volunteers carefully hold down the animal and release the bucket.

“Lucky has been released from his pumpkin prison… On Halloween remind the folks that are trick or treating to cut the handles. We can prevent this. Deer are sooooo curious, like all life is. We are stewards of nature and we all can do a better job,” South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery wrote in a post. Credit: South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery via Storyful

Video transcript



- [INAUDIBLE] Upper thigh!


- Watch out! No, stay back! Stay back!


- Yeah.

- Calm down. It's OK.

- It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

- Just stay right there. Watch his feet. Just watch his feet so he don't kick you.

- It's still kind of [INAUDIBLE].

- Is it?

- Just what I thought.

- It's OK.

- That's very possible.

- Hang on.

- OK, he's going to get real crazy. So back off, try to put some weight--

- No!


- Hold on.

- Keep him-- get the net!

- Hold the net back.

- Move the net back!

- Pull it hard.

- No, I'm going to pull this and you got to watch yourself, because he's tangled in it. Now, just let it go, because--

- We need to put it on this side. Try to untangle it, but--

- Yeah. No, we're trying to-- yeah, we're trying to fix-- take that back.

- Look it, that needs to go on the other side.

- Right here.


- It's OK.

- Easy.

- OK.

- I think we've got to come to [INAUDIBLE].

- Easy. They got it off him? [INAUDIBLE], hang on.

- OK.

- Give me the net back this way.

- They should put that back.

- Yeah.

- [INAUDIBLE], just throw it on me. I don't care. Hang on.


- Easy, baby. Easy.

- Where's the bucket?

- Fuck that.

- Start doing his feet.

- You guys have to move out of the way, Michael.

- All right, here, Heather. Right here. Right here.


Heather, feet right here. He's [INAUDIBLE] his foot right here. Let me [INAUDIBLE]. Watch his feet so he don't kick you guys.

- OK. OK.


Easy, baby.

- Michael, that box. [INAUDIBLE] that box.

- It just let out.

- Yeah. Just watch his paws--


--because if he kicks, he gets loose.

- If it's free up, we'll [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, he's all ass [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

- OK, the leg is starting to come free.

- Rick, get the scissors [INAUDIBLE].

- The leg is starting to come free.

- I don't have any scissors.

- Who's got the scissors.

- Just calm down.

- You got the scissors? Michael, get me those scissors right here.


- Need help with the leg?

- [INAUDIBLE] try to get this one.

- It must have [INAUDIBLE],

- Just hold on.


- OK.


- Easy, buddy.

- It's OK.

- Easy, buddy.

- Let's get this off. OK, I think it's getting worse.

- Oh, don't get-- OK, he's out now.

- OK, he's out. Watch out.

- You get that one out--

- Watch his paw.

- --and we can let him go.

- Yeah, everybody watch out.

- Watch yourself.

- All right.

- Ready? Get back!


- Get back.

- Watch out!

- There he goes!



- Woo! Yeah! Hey!

- Woo!

- Woo!