Siti Nurhaliza and Liza Hanim clap back at body shaming comments on Instagram

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — Malaysian singers Liza Hanim and Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza have responded to hurtful remarks made by a social media user on Instagram.

This is following offensive comments made by Instagram user jab_netizen which remarked on Liza’s physical appearance despite her talent as a singer.

The user also compared Liza’s appearance to Siti Nurhaliza’s, by claiming that was the reason behind Siti’s success.

Liza, who felt she needed to address the issue, shared screenshots of the comments on her Instagram while questioning the Instagram user’s motives behind the continuous remarks.

“Sometimes manners are more important than looks. I’m not fazed by any of these ‘critics’ but I felt this culture has gone too far.

“It’s my 26th year in this industry and I’ve gone through so much and your veiled criticism has little to no effect on me but I’m saddened by this, you are inconsiderate and insensitive.

“This posting is for everyone who has faced these kinds of comments before, so that they can rise up and stay strong and do whatever that makes us happy with ourselves and our family and just be grateful to God for everything,” Liza wrote in the caption.

Liza’s post which has garnered over 5,000 likes with over 1,000 comments also prompted Siti to chimed in.

“The comments made by jab_netizen clearly show their unkind nature. Never touch on someone’s physical appearance because everyone’s not perfect.

“I’m taken aback by these social media users who think they know how to judge but have shown their ignorance instead,” Siti wrote in the comment while showing her support to Liza.

Aside from Siti, other local celebrities such as TV personality Sazzy Falak, actor Azhan Rani and singer Aisha Retno, were seen in the comment section, showing their support for Liza.