Local singer Zamani, organiser resolve concert payment issue over concert, Zamani focussing on scoliosis surgery (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 — The issue of payment between singer Zamani and a concert organiser following revelations that the show only collected RM4,365 in profits has been resolved.

According to Harian Metro, Zamani along with his wife, Nur Juliana Abd Rani, met the organiser, Aalan Ahmad who also came with his wife to settle the issue between them.

The concert, Doa Buat Zamani, was held on September 30 at Zepp Kuala Lumpur.

The meeting was following allegations made by Juliana earlier this week that Aalan had taken the ticket sales profits from the concert and hadn’t paid her husband for his performance.

The allegations snowballed, resulting in fellow celebrities and fans of Zamani speculating on the issue and leaving comments on their social media which further worsened the situation between the singer and the organiser.

“There are problems between us, but we choose to listen and find a solution instead. This is better rather than just leaving it hanging in the air without any clarification which has left fans wondering and speculating.

“Plus, I am going for my scoliosis surgery to fix my curved spine this Monday, so, it’s better for me to settle all these issues before shifting my focus on the surgery,” Zamani said, adding that they did not want to prolong the issue as they were childhood friends.

Amongst the issues that was put forward in the meeting included the ticket sales issue, the RM3 profit for Zamani for each ticket sold as well as the allegations made by Juliana towards Aalan.

“I’ve explained everything to them, and they need to understand. It’s proven that the issue stems from Zamani’s wife misunderstanding in the first place.

“I’ve explained the whole chronology of what had happened, and they’ve accepted it.

“For me, the issue has been resolved. The main focus now is on Zamani’s surgery. Let him undergo the surgery in peace,” Aalan said.

In another report by Kosmo, Zamani said that he was anxious to undergo his surgery on November 7.

“I’ve been following the doctor’s instructions in terms of my diet and vitamin intakes, hopefully I’m fit enough to go for surgery.

“The doctor also informed me that it would take some time for me to fully recover from the surgery. During my recovery process, I would need to go for follow ups with them aside from going for physiotherapy sessions with a specialist,” Zamani said.

The Slam’s vocalist added that he would need up to three months to fully recover before going back on stage.

He also hopes that the public could pray for his health and for a smooth sailing surgery.

Zamani previously surprised the public after a few live appearances with a hunched posture and revealed that he had scoliosis, a condition where the spine twists and curves to the side.

The singer shared that he had difficulties when sleeping as his bones were pressed to his heart making it hard for him to breathe which has prompted him to go for surgery.