Local influencer Ms Pui Yi rejoins OnlyFans to reconnect with fans using tame content

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 — Malaysian social media star Ms Pui Yi has returned to the platform where she rose to fame, adult subscription site OnlyFans.

This time, however, she’s using it to reconnect with fans with less racy, toned-down daily content.

Last December, the 25-year-old announced that she would be leaving OnlyFans to start a new career in music as a DJ.

Since then, she has been performing in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and most recently in Sarawak at the Borderland Music Festival on September 16.

Pui Yi announced her return to the platform via Instagram recently.

“There’s a lot of fans asking me if there’s any platforms that I can talk to my fans instead of (through) posts or something. There’s one,” she said on her OnlyFans broadcast channel.

“It’s SFW (safe for work) and it’s free. I will be able to talk to you guys daily there.”

According to her page’s introduction, it will be the only place where her fans can find her daily content.

The daily content she will post features snapshots of her life in between her DJ sets and messages for her followers.

Pui Yi said that she has enjoyed her time so far interacting with fans, from receiving their greeting messages to hearing stories from them.

“It’s (my) fourth day into OF and you guys are super nice. I received a lot of nice messages and stories from my inbox. Been replying daily and (talking) to almost all of you,” the influencer wrote.

“Everyone is super nice there and telling me all the best for my career...Why didn’t I think of this way sooner!!??”

Pui Yi grew her following of millions on various social media platforms through her controversial lewd content on OnlyFans.

She also became the first Malaysian featured on the cover of American men’s magazine Penthouse.