Local hooligans get comeuppance after villagers confront them over bullying of elderly man

Locals in the Selangor town of Sijangkang have taken matters into their own hands after a video clip of local youth went viral on social media, showing a group of boys tormenting an elderly gentleman.

Showing an old man wearing a kopiah on his head and riding a motorbike, the gang take turns mocking him, taking his head-wear, and snatching it from him when he reaches to ask for it back.

Having stepped off his bike to retrieve the kopiah, one of the youth lets the motorbike fall to the ground, forcing the old man to pick up his heavy bike.

One of the group is later seen throwing rubbish at the man, and another takes a used container and puts it on his head, in an attempt to mock the elderly man. Eventually he rides away, only to be jeered at by the youth.

Generally, upsetting, unnecessary, and some kind of testament to a casual new low that we’ve reached as a society. Or, just another day on the internet!

The initial incident was shared across several social media platforms, landing on the popular page JPJ/Police Roadblock Info Facebook page, where it picked up quite a lot of traction, sparking the ire of netizens angered to see the old man endure bullying at the hands of a bunch of hooligans.

One user by the name of Joha Jaafar wrote that she was well-acquainted with the victim, and described him as a very friendly individual, adding he was kind and playful.

Eventually, the clip came to the attention of locals who recognized the poor man and his gang of tormentors, and they proceeded to take action by calling out the youth responsible. In a separate clip posted to social media (where else?!), townsfolk can be seen marching over to one of the teen’s houses and calling them out for their inappropriate behavior.

Kejadian siang tadi 12mei2019, mlm dah kena angkut ngan orang2 kampung… lokasi kejadian…

Mohamad Khairul Jacksparrow 发布于 2019年5月12日周日

In a later clip, all of the youth are shown sitting together on a sofa, awaiting some kind of village tribunal that we hope involves enough shame that they’ll reconsider what kind of humans bully an elderly man.

Netizens were pleased with the developments, praising the proactive villagers and hoping that the incident serves as a lesson to the wayward youth. The post has since been shared over 12,000 times.

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