Local artiste Hattan receives brickbats online after ‘schooling’ news presenter live on air (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — Local singer and composer Datuk Hattan is currently in the spotlight for his remarks towards a news presenter during a live television segment.

This is after Hattan, who was being interviewed via phone call in a Astro Awani segment, was asked by the presenter for his thoughts on the ‘deep’ lyrics of legendary rock band XPDC.

The segment was on the recent death of XPDC vocalist, Syed Ismail Syed Ibrahim or better known as Mael.

Hattan began questioning the presenter and asked her whether she knew about the band’s history and songwriters. He even asked her if she did her ‘homework’ before interviewing him about Mael.

Tensions began to rise after the presenter failed to answer Hattan’s question correctly which led him to ‘schooling’ the presenter while pointing out that most of XPDC’s lyrics were written by the late songwriter JS Kevin.

The Rendang Tak Berbuah singer then discontinued the call after giving a few words on the subject of Mael.

Clip of the live interview has since been circulating across social media, with many local social media users feeling that Hattan was being too harsh towards the news presenter.

“Ouch, Datuk Hattan really gave it to her. But he didn’t actually have to do it during live,” tweeted user @Fad Manaf.

“Datuk Hattan previously looked professional, but after watching the live news on Astro Awani, the respect is gone. The woman is a newscaster, she’s reading a script, I don’t think there’s a need to condemn her like that,” posted Facebook user @Mohd Fuzi Che Hassan.

“Is that necessary Hattan?” asked user @selalubustedd.

Hattan has switched his Instagram profile to private since the incident.

However, there are those who sided with Hattan by pointing out that the news presenter should do her homework in advance and to always be prepared.

The TikTok clip which was reshared on Twitter by user @Fad Manaf has been viewed over a million times since yesterday.